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Alpha Mask Import Plugin (2.0)


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Thanks for the replies.


I installed the v2.0 Alpha Mask version which is what is linked to by the OP in the first post in this thread. The v1.1 indeed is marked as incompatible with PDN 4 > which is why I installed the v2.0, assuming that it was the last version and the one which would have been later updated for PDN 4 compatibility. As said it does seem to function correctly but I've only done minimum testing.


The v1.1 version linked to by Ego Eram Reputo is as mentioned there too,  like the tutorial I was using said,  being installed in "Effects > Object". But v2.0 installs as I described 'loose' in the "Effects" menu likewise the completely unrelated Multi Color Gradient one.


But if this is normal and that's where the two developers decided they should be instead of their earlier versions location then there is nothing to be concerned about presumably.  However isn't it unusual that they changed the location?



I've been trying out that gold text tutorial again to test everything and it appears there is actually a problem but not with the Alpha Mask, its the Multi Color Gradient plugin that's not working properly. It should just apply the graduated colour to the selected text mask but it doesn't. It behaves weirdly so I just tested it on a completely new image and it simply didn't work.


You can use the PDN's  built in two colour gradient tool + other tools/plugins to create a similar effect to that suggested in the gold text tutorial anyway. But it is a pity that multi-color plugin doesn't work as I can think of other situations where it would have been very useful.



There's irony; just tried and failed to install the Multi Color Gradient plugin on my WinXP VM using PDN v3.5.11 (last version that supported XP). I thought that may have been because it was a basic PDN installation so I did not have an Effect > Object menu. So I installed BoltBait's Plugin pack for v3.5.11, no problems with that, everything working, Effects > Object menu added.


But the Multi-Color Gradient plugin installed to Effects still didn't appear anywhere let alone Render where it apparently is meant to be.


PDN v3.5.11 too old for this plugin version?

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8 minutes ago, vaaski said:

can confirm that it seems broken in 4.2


"confirm" and "seems" are working against each other here.


9 minutes ago, vaaski said:

should I upload a sample file?


You mean the image you're using for a mask? Sure, if you think it will help.

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On 7/22/2019 at 8:53 PM, toe_head2001 said:


"confirm" and "seems" are working against each other here.



You mean the image you're using for a mask? Sure, if you think it will help.


Well I confirm that something is not working and it seems like it isn't my fault ;)

Here is an Imgur album showing my problem and here is the .pdn file for it.


I hope someone can reproduce it, I'd hate to downgrade paint.net. I really use alphamask a lot and would be more than happy to give a little tip over paypal if someone can resolve the issue. Also if you need any more system info or something I'm happy to help.

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I appreciate the effort you guys are going through to help me and I really don't want to sound rude but I still think that there is a bug.
I've made a video to better show it:


I am 98% sure that this isn't the expected behavior, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I could also try an older version of Paint.net if you want.
Thanks again for all the help.

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Hello @vaaski,

I have looked into this, and yes, a change did happen in v4.2 that affects this plugin.


This plugin uses a programming function from Paint.NET called Surface.CopyFromBitmap().

In older version of Paint.NET under certain circumstances, all transparent pixels were incorrectly converted to Transparent White (RGBA value of 255, 255, 255, 0). This programming function was corrected in Paint.NET v4.2, and transparent pixels now retain their RGB values.


The Alpha Mask plugin relied on this incorrect behavior. That is, it assumed that if a pixel is transparent, then it will be Transparent White.


As @Eli pointed out, you have Transparent Black on the left and top edges of your mask image. To correct this, you can use the Transparent to Transparent White plugin to ensure all Transparent pixels are Transparent White.

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