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  1. Alright thanks again for everything, @BoltBait's Paste Alpha seems to do the thing. I'm glad there was some change in 4.2 and it wasn't just me going crazy. I wish all you fine folks a wonderful day.
  2. I appreciate the effort you guys are going through to help me and I really don't want to sound rude but I still think that there is a bug. I've made a video to better show it: I am 98% sure that this isn't the expected behavior, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I could also try an older version of Paint.net if you want. Thanks again for all the help.
  3. Well I confirm that something is not working and it seems like it isn't my fault Here is an Imgur album showing my problem and here is the .pdn file for it. I hope someone can reproduce it, I'd hate to downgrade paint.net. I really use alphamask a lot and would be more than happy to give a little tip over paypal if someone can resolve the issue. Also if you need any more system info or something I'm happy to help.
  4. can confirm that it seems broken in 4.2 should I upload a sample file?
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