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Plug-in for Border Extend with edge color?

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Hello !

I have been looking for a plug-in that extends the border of an imaged using the colors of the edge. If I print a picture on a canvas and want to wrap it around a canvas frame I need som extra borders if my picture already have some extra space around it. when I used TUXPAINT together with my daughter I found out that they created that effect if my template image was too small.

I have tried to search this forum but without any luck. Anyone know if there exist a plug-in like that?

Thanks in advance,


See attached image,


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Thanks Yellowman. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. I never thought of doing it that way.

I finaly found the the PixelatedFrame-Plug-in in Simon B' website under legacy plug-in pack. But It didn't do the trick. It just changed the picture border, not extended it. This way I lost even more of the picutre it self. But thanks for the tip anyway.

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Thanks, it worked great.

I extended my canvas and then use the plug-in and adjusted it so it didn't cut away too much of the image.

In a future release it would be nice if it could extend the canvas at the same time. It's not necessary because it already do what I need it to do.

Thanks again for your help.


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