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something i thought about...

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Rick, I feel you should rethink that.

You are building a community here. An important part of a community is getting to know each other. When members of a web community feel comfortable here they will draw in many new members. This will make paint.net more and more popular. This can only be a good thing.

I am a moderator of another online forum with about 38,000 members and I can tell you that the General Discussion forum is one of the most popular.

Plus, it will keep the chatter down in the other forums.

EDIT: Of course, you could just expand the definition of your current General Discussion forum to include discussions about anything not related to Paint.net.

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yea, it will keep people active, it will keep people on the site, it will attract more people, witch will make pdn grow, you dont need all these diffrent catagories, just keep it simple, one catagory, one forum...

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Well Rick, you cannot say that there is not people on this forum that would be glad to help you with it, there are some dedicated people on hear...

I didn't say there aren't people here.

Just because you're on the forum a lot doesn't mean you should be a moderator.

Don't ask to be a moderator. It doesn't work like that.

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Let's see.

  1. [*:e9697]What would be a definition of acceptable for this forum? I mean, would it be "Anything that does not fit into the above topics" or perhaps "A place to chat and hang around"
    [*:e9697]Who would moderate it? - I suggest that there be invitations to people Rick deems trustable and knows they will live up to the title.
    [*:e9697]How active would it be? - I am guessing pretty active, because I do my best to not post anything off topic, and my posts sometimes slip into that category.
    [*:e9697]How much trouble would it be? - We don't have many illhearted people like mastergiza, the now infamous spammer. However, we should have good moderators to tell what's appropriate. Nothing out of the Terms of Service for forumer, and probably a little kid-friendly.
    [*:e9697]Lastly, what is the effort to get it running? Well, Rick has a magic link at the bottom of the page that says "Go to Administration Panel". A few clicks, some naming and a description, and it's up. Then we as a community need to get the ball rolling. And remember the cause, as BoltBait put it, "To strengthen the community.".


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I was thinking about something like this myself a while ago. It would certainly build a sense of community.

I was thinking of even starting another forum just for non-PDN discussion, but then you run into having to have two user accounts, one to talk about PDN, and one to talk with fellow PDN users. Not to mention anyone could sign up to the other forum with anyone else's username from this forum, causing confusion, mass panic, and bran muffins...

So yeah, I'd be for a community discussion page, but some plans would have to be made beforehand.

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