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How to overlap two pictures?

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First let me say I really like Paint.NET. I'm sure once I get the hang of the concepts it will be very powerfull for me.

Anyways I'm still a little confused by the whole layer concept.

What I want to do is take the same scene, but shot at two different exposures and combine them. For instance here, I want the bright detail of the house front, but want the details of the clouds in the background. But the basic concept of how to do this seems like it would be very helpful.


*PNG file*

I tried "deleting out" the part of the picture I didn't need. Like in the cloud scene, making the house area solid white or black. But whenever I tried to set the transparency with the layers they didn't combine well. Well, except "multiply" mode, but since the pictures aren't perfectly the same, its looked bad.

Anyways, if my understanding of layers is correct, couldn't I set one layer on top and then paint a transparent color and the layer behind it will show through?

Any helpful hints, or even a tutorial? I have very little experience with any real editing program other than just MS Paint, so I can understand the concepts, but I have no real knowledge about how to actually execute.

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hm... try to magic wand the house, and maby use brightness and contrast?... (kinda new at effects) and if you can take 2 of the exact same pics, you could put them both in one paint.net, and replace the brighter house with the darker useing magic wand and erase...

hope i helped?

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Here we go...

I did it for you.

Here is how I did it.

I took your image with the two diff pics of the house.

I selected one side, copied that, selected the other side, pressed Ctrl + Shift + X to crop to my selection.

Then I made a new layer, and pasted in your lighter house, now in order to see it, I adjusted the opacity of the layer so I could see where it was going.

I needed to rotate that layer by -1.00 degrees, and it fit in.

I then changed my tolerance, and got the sky away, and then went in with a HUGE eraser and did the edges of the house, sorry it sucks, I am tired and I was using a 100 px size eraser.

Do that with more finesse.



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PhotoBucket.com shrunk the pics....life sucks

instead of adding the good looking roof to the stormy pic and rotating it to fit, I just cut the sky out of the good looking roof pic and added the stormy clouds behind. in the lighter one I left the calm sky and added the stormy sky as a gradient so it blended down to the lighter blue.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. 😉 -Rick Brewster

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I guess another example of what I want to do is where you see the engine bay of a car show through the hood. Does that also work by showing the underneath layer through?

if you delete a portion of the top layer... yes the bottom layer does come through

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Thanks guys, the eraser is so obvious. However I also tried using the paintbrush with a transparent color (alpha=0) and it did the same thing. So I don't know if maybe I just didn't have layersin the right order when I first tried it.

Also with the layers, in the Layers mini-view, is there a way to "Import From File" to a new layer from the mini-view? The "New Layer" by itself isn't very helpful to me at this point.

Anyways I tried another scene and it worked out real well. I'll post a picture later when I'm home (so I can host the file).

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