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  1. Had my wife take a picture of my while driving Original It was raining at the time, but the camera failed to pick up any of the clouds...so a perusing on Yahoo! images found me some good clouds to composite into the image. Balanced out the image much better. Modified Its my desktop at work now (1280x1024) PS, I use Paint.NET for mostly photo editing, you guys that actually "create" images are pretty talanted!
  2. I also second this feature...especially the way MS Paint does it where you have like 5 different depth options. Its convient when your working with limited colors and are looking for a certain file size vs picture quality vs compatibilty.
  3. As far as those two images, I have found that darker images almost always take up more space when working with the same dimensions and compression quality.
  4. I just got a Wacom Graphire 6x8. Is there any way to implement the Eraser function in Paint.NET? Not a big deal. Also does the "intensity" of pushing the pen have any effect in Paint.NET?
  5. You said that the Acquire feature is calling an external application, but would it be at all possible to make saved "user profiles" available on the document type screen? My scanner needs a little tweaking for each of the different kinds of pictures (color photo, B&W text, etc) and I always forget the values I used and have to do some tweaking to get the right settings each time. I expect that you will say no because its not actually Paint.NET thats doing the scanning...but your smart and may have some trick.
  6. May or may not, but thought I would point it out. Or may just be part of Windows UI. If I position the Layer Window to where its slightly out of bounds of the window it causes the curser to flash. If you click the mouse in between the flashes the button your trying to press won't activate. I made a video, because its kind of hard to explain. Video
  7. I've never been big on scanners and they've always been awkward in the past when I tried to use them (like TWAIN driver days). However recently I have had some situations where I needed to get some hard documents on the interwebs and I remembered Rick mentioning the Acquire feature. It works perfect and I like the basic options available. Plus it opens directly in Paint.NET which is exactly what I would want. So thank you guys for rekindeling my respect for scanners.
  8. OK, I just wanted to make sure everything was OK on my end. It just seems like it use to be a little faster back when I was using 2.x.
  9. Whenever I'm editing larger pictures (like 1800x1200 and up) when I use the Lasso to add to a selection its pretty slow, but when I take away a selection its pretty quick. When I draw the initial selection with the Lasso its very quick. This is on both my laptop and my main computer. My Laptop I can understand (1.8Ghz Turion64). My main computer is a AMD X2 4600 and if I bring up Task Manager while Lasso is sitting there updating the CPU Utilization only hits like 50% and really one of them is running at like 60%, and the other is maybe 10%-20%. Memory is 1.5Gb DDR2. Heres a screenshot to show. Down by the bottom is where it was still drawning the line while I had time to bring up Task Manager and hit PRNT SCRN. Is this normal behavior, due to the way the selection works or something?
  10. I've had a Canon S3-IS for about 3 months and I really like it. They are about $380 from Newegg. I bought a 2Gb SD card at the same time for $30 and I have since bought a lens adaptor and a polarizer lens (about $100 together) which has made the camera even better. That Fuji one did look pretty good too. I probably would still have gone with the S3 though just because has a couple "upgrades" here and there in the specs. The thing eats batteries though when I use the LCD all the time...or forget to turn it off after transferring pictures
  11. $1000 is historically the acceptable price for "the best" processor. And if your real proud like AMD was of their FX processors you can even get away with $1200 or so. If your just messing with desktop pictures and stuff (like 800x600 and smaller) you probably won't see a huge difference going to a faster processor. But I'm editing just 6MP pictures (2816x2112) and going to a dual core made a huge difference in render speeds. I can only imagine how relieved D-SLR guys (7-10MP) would be. Plus its nice being able to install stuff in the background and still be able to surf comfortably or not have music/movies get jerky. Also I don't if I mentioned this earlier, but my work manufactures the Sun Sparc T1 processors (we call them Niagras at work) and they are already using 8 cores. I don't know what Sun charges for these monsters, but I think we charge SUN around $1000 each, so I can only imagine what they charge the final customer. But we a couple dozen of there blades and I think they are about $10K a pop.
  12. OK, thanks! Thats pretty much what I was thinking. For static resizing I just tweak it and leave it, but the for image resize I undo and start over....just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing it wrong. Also as a side note, does Paint.NET do as much as possible strictly in memory and not rely on the harddrive? For example often times I have PDN taking up 50-100Mb of memory. I just want to know if the speed of the HDD has any effect once the image has been loaded.
  13. I was just wondering how does Paint.NET resize images when using the Move Selected Pixels. If I scale a selection down to 50%, but then scale back up to 60% of the original does it scale the original by 50%, but then when I go up does it take the current image and scale it 120% or take the orignal source and rescale it to 60%? Same with Resize.... If I scale a 1600x1200 image down to 1024x768 but then decide 1280x960 is better, does up scale the 1024x768 or rescale the 1600x1200? Hope thats confusing enough!
  14. Doing better then when I started using it...I couldn't even move a selection correctly :oops: I got betta though....
  15. A work around I have found is to right click on the other picture and choose Open With > Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. Although there have been very few times I have needed to do that its usually when I need to look at the original and make sure my blendings look believeable or to see how much the color actually changed. But Windows Image Viewer is low profile enough that you can open it real quick and drag it over Paint.NET to compare. Plus it will auto-size for you (unlike MS Paint).
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