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A Mask like that!!!

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perhaps a stylize->outline(1 thickness, 100 intensity) used on a duplicate of the crystalized layer?

Then to get the white outline, you could invert the colors, up the contrast to make the edges lighter.

Then run curves + on advanced, with luminosity input and alpha output, and use a top left to bottom right "curve" to erase the black.

Then you could go to adjustments->brightness/contrast and set brightness and contrast to maximum. That should give you an outline.

this wouldn't make the lines between crystals of the same color I'm afraid, though.


EDIT: if you don't have it, curves + is here.


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Crystalize can get you the mosaic-type shapes, but I'm not sure about the white outlines.

A little closer...

Run Crystalize.

Dup layer.

On the top layer do the following:

Adjustments > Black and White

Effects > Stylize > Outline (intensity 100, thickness 2ish)

Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast - increase contrast, decrease brightness until you see all of the outlines

Adjustments > Invert Colors

Change blending mode to Additive

I know, closer, but...

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