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This probably isn't too useful, but I wrote it to generate test cases, and someone else might find it handy. It basically draws a HSV color wheel, centered in the current selection's bounding rectangle. The saturation and value are set on the disk's boundary and center. They're linearly interpolated on the disk. The starting values can be set outside the [0, 1] range. The interpolated values are clamped. This allows transitions to occur over part of the circle. For example, if the saturation is set to 2 on the boundary and 0 in the center, the saturation will be 1 on the outside half of the disk (where the interpolated values are greater than 1), and then transition from 1 to 0 on the inside half. I know it's kind of confusing. The defaults are the value at 1 and the saturation transitioning from 1 to 0 toward the center. It resides in the Render submenu.

Here is the DLL:  RenderColorWheel.ZIP

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Ok, I think I got that. How about posting a picture so we can see it in action?

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Thanks for the pictures MJW, and for the plugin!

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