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Paint.net plug-in to create a spriteatlas (aka spritetexture or spritesheet) for games

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Is there a Paint.net plugin to create a spriteatlas (aka spritetexture or spritesheet)? A sprite atlas is used in game development, and it's a single image that contain several smaller images of game objects, sprites, enemies, particles, animations etc. Instead of loading many tiny images a game typically uses a sprite atlas so it can be loaded as a single texture, which improves loading time and game performance.


So I mean a plugin that takes several images, or maybe the layers of an image, and neatly packs it into a spriteatlas/sprite texture, plus generate the accompanying coordinates file.


I had already created a similar plug-in for GIMP, see here:



Is something like that available for Paint.net? Or a related question, where do I start if I want to develop a plugin for Paint.net?



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That's not quite the same, I think those are called sprite sheets, what I meant was create a sprite atlas from images that can have different sizes.


Spritesheet : all same size, same width/height
Sprite atlas/texture : different sizes, mixed widths/heights


Not sure if those are the correct terms, but that's I've seen it used in the Phaser game library and the TexturePacker tool.

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On 2/8/2023 at 5:31 AM, BdR said:

where do I start if I want to develop a plugin for Paint.net?


CodeLab 👍


BoltBait has written a number of excellent, comprehensive tutorials to get you started.....https://boltbait.com/pdn/codelab/help/


Co-Author Toe_head has the definitive layman's guide here: 


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On 2/8/2023 at 2:07 PM, Welsh Yellow Cheddar said:

This would be very handy for me. I often print images of different sizes in one page so they can latter be cut by the kids at school. I try to use as much as possible the empty spaces on a sheet of paper. @BdR I hope you can bring it to Paint.Net.


fyi you can already do something like this using the website below. You can Drag & drop your images (all at once) in the page and then click "save" to export the new image:

Leshy SpriteSheet Tool - Online Sprite Sheet & Texture Atlas Packer (leshylabs.com)

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