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  1. I posted this yesterday, but totally forgot about the link. Sorry to dissapoint Ash! This is the "How to make a lightsaber effect". This was originally made by trickman, and NOT ME! Here's the link for it:
  2. Sorry guyz, haven't been on in a while, my bad. Dallon, great avvie! I like it a lot, a great 9/10! Andy - 7/10. Hyrule, 7/10, I like your signature better then your avvie, but like i said before, this is an avvie based game. D.Darknovaxp- 6.5/10 Survulus - 8.5/10, I like the sun rays. JiZer- little too simple... 5/10 Kidboy140- 5/10 Simple... EJlol- 4/10, sorry don't like it. Enormator - 8.5/10, Nice! Eddye- 9.5/10, your on the lead! I think... :shock: Shk_828 - 4/10 Kemaru - 8/10, Sora rocks! Loganart - 0/10 for now.. your avvie image is not appearing Nicad - looks so simple, yet I love lil simple avatars like dat. 8/10 Minoeman - 3/10...
  3. I used a picture off the internet and played around and used the fire tutorial.
  4. Here is a link for visual tutorials for all the people that can't get something to work. The video's are made by me, and for now, I'm just making trouble shooting video's. Hope they help. http://www.youtube.com/pdn0tuts There aren't many vids on the account, but more will soon come! If for some reason, it still doesn't work, pm me on youtube or paint.net. New video on, how to put plugins into paint.net. Updated on 11/11/08. Here's the link:
  5. This is possible with pdn. You'll have to use this tool. Then move it around with that. Then copy and paste each portion and move it and connect it. Hope this helped
  6. It would be perfect if it wasn't so blurry... :?
  7. viewforum.php?f=37 Try using this link. Hope it helped
  8. I did download that... I tried to replace it but my computer won't carry out that operation.... Lemme try again. Oh, may I ask what the ICsharp... Thing is?
  9. What version of CB are you using? I saw that we have to have a certain version, but where do I find these different versions of cb? Can you provide a link?
  10. Wow!! This is now my most very favorite tutorial! Very good outcome!! I give this tut a 11/10 (if i could). Here are my results (couldn't get the cloud brushes to work because pdn kept crashing... ):
  11. Ummm, your link is broken. I couldn't get to it... Is it just me?
  12. Ermm, read the forum rules please. To your question, make a new layer and try posting it. I think this should work... :?
  13. oh wow! Very nice tut. I'd say this is a super nova.
  14. Oh wow! Great results! Another great tut by David Atwell. This would be great for desktop backrounds. :wink:
  15. I actually like it! I give you a decent 7/10.
  16. Thanks jiZer, I like that one best too. Wolverine, I don't understand what you mean... First one? Fire? There is no fire on the first one :? ... But for the question, I took a normal picture and used the crop tutorial to crop out the plane... Thanks Aussi3ies! Thanks helen!
  17. Wow! Great tut! I'll try this out.
  18. Servulus get's a 6.5/10. Zeon get's a 5/10 and Kemaru gets an 7/10. Legend, I give you a 4/10. And kemaru gets an 8/10. Nice job, your 1st place for now.
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