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  1. Wow that looks fantastic! Result, A tiny bit curved.
  2. Hey I was just wondering how you import font files into paint.net I haven't been able to find a folder to put the font files into.
  3. Words can't express how amazing this tutorial is. My first attempt.
  4. Dale08


    You land on an alien planet look out during sunset and catch a glimpse of this. well acutally you just see me screwing up making the sun.
  5. This is what i made, and thanks for the opacity suggestion bespec squid. I forgot to down size the canvas so resize took away the quality.
  6. bump: I made something called Gradient Variation.
  7. Here's my result Old: http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh14 ... ssBall.jpg Version 2 (corrected the shadow): I used reflect on the shawdow for a more subtle effect.
  8. the dust was a bit too bright. Are you doing it on the clouds layer?
  9. bold words are spelling mistakes well, very first sentence 3rd section of Your Background 1st section of Your Planets 4th section of Your Planets 3rd section of Cosmical Clouds Section 10 of Cosmical Clouds Section 1 of Second Planet And last sentence, I'm not sure if it meant to be l33tsp3ak. After reading the last paragraph i found out your German so i can understand the mistakes, if you have firefox as your browser you can download dictionaries to your computer i'm sure internet explorer and safari has the same feature. Like english. Once again nice tutorial. If you need any help finding the right spellings for words you can always ask me Oh and i missed 1 mistake but i can't remember where it was. edit: here's what i made click to enlarge
  10. So many spelling mistakes and so many pictures, nice tutorial though, I ran into a few troubles and i could figure out some stuff but i'll post mine up soon.
  11. Umm there's a problem with the pictures.
  12. Awesome reminds me of the infinity ward logo.
  13. Yeah the second one is like the spiral a fire leaves as its going out.
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