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  1. Sorry...1/10 The man is totaly :AntiAliasingOff:. And the colours are worst...
  2. I've added some new images and deleted the old ones. (The new are better^^) Please rate or criticise
  3. Wow...your german is good. I'm very suprised... Wow...dein Deutsch ist schon ziemlich gut! Sehr überraschend. Schön, dass dir das Tutorial gefallen hat. Nice, that you liked my Tutorial.
  4. 6.5/10 It's good, but you can't read the text quite good.
  5. Wow...I've ever dreamed of making a sig with the death...but I couldn't find the right pictures! But, great work! 10/10
  6. In my opinion the sig looks great! I like yellow and abstract sigs...9.7/10
  7. Thanks! I'm going to fix the mistakes!
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