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Is there a way to undistort this?

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I tried using @BoltBait's Level Horizon/Plumb Bob (plugin pack found under his signature) but had no joy.  So I tried this:


1.  Remove the document from the background, via this site - Remove.bg


2.  Clean up the edges with the Rectangle Select Tool and delete the edges.


3.  Add a new layer under the image, and add a strip of grey with a bit of Grain.


4.  Flatten.




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Thank you all for the ideas.   I will try with quadrilateral or distort this.   I should have said that I like the old paper, because it reflects the WWII times, but is nice to learn about the binarization option.  I will add that the oranges in the picture where caused by Irfanview lowering the file size to 255K to append it.   The real one is huge and has nice grey old paper texture.


Thank you again

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