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  1. @HyReZ You can show that you don't care by staying the hell off my posts! I won't post on yours and you stay off of mine. LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!
  2. I will say it once and that will be it. I will keep things hush-hush as a matter of policy and that is not going to change. I have seen other folks who perhaps owned a business- or had something that could have been misinterpreted, went into a forum and in their posts (probably inadvertently) gave out details that they perhaps should have held back and got accused of spamming. Perhaps they could have worded a thing or two differently and then the whole thing went sideways. I will stay mysterious because I am not going down that road. That is the last that will be said
  3. Why are you so harsh with me? This isn't the first time. If some day I ran over your puppy and didn't realize it I am sorry! I gave a context on the high volume of web browsing that I do and the infrequency of the errors. It is about narrowing down the issue. Also, I have to state that I am here for the art- not for anything else- otherwise I would come under attack for mentioning the tech use out of context. In recent times I have grown art happy.
  4. For PM I never got the certificate issue. I can't help but wonder if it came from a fresh installation of it??? Do you run NoScript on any of(the compatible) browsers? As a side note; I probably wont ever go into detail about what kind of tech work that I do. I come here to talk about digital art. Just know that part of what I do is going on a ludicrous number of sites/pages a day and these script errors are rare. Right now my PM is down to 689 tabs and the only other (well known)site that gives it regular script errors is YouTube- and there may be an other
  5. At the moment I am on a backup computer with 2010 hardware. I will test it on the soon to be rebuilt main rig and report back. Also, I should point out that I get the hangs much more on the main index. If I were to refresh individual pages/topics(such as this one) they are much less likely to happen.
  6. That is a more precise description. I should have also noted that they tend to last in the ballpark of 10-15 seconds. As a side note(however helpful it may/may not be); My main browser is Pale Moon which I use for 99+% of all browsing. For those who don't know; it is long split off from FF and attempts to remain a true open source browser. The forum appeared to be very moody in it so I pulled it up in various backup browsers. For my crazy tech needs(that I won't get into here) I keep just about every browser installed for all kinds of testing/comparison purposes. If a s
  7. It's on the page itself. Here is a partial screenshot of one from a refresh seconds ago:
  8. I want to learn some tips and tricks on edge shading!
  9. I have observed regular script errors from Invisioncic. They are triggered with near certainty when refreshing the page(s) on the forum. I have confirmed this behavior on 3 different browsers. Does anybody have any details, solutions, fixes...? If needed I also could provide copy and pastes from the script debugger.
  10. It still is some great information. I learned a lot!
  11. @Seerose Wow. You made yours funky!
  12. I loved the tutorials- but I had to do them a couple of times to get the results. When completed they looked great! Thanks! Having said that though, I think that there are a couple of missing steps and it likely would be best to switch the words "tap" to "hold." That would clarify part of it. Secondly, I am curious about trying this on more complex images. Many of the above images had relatively basic shapes against well contrasted backgrounds. An example is I have an image of a common ordinary garden room. I like rooms like this in real life because I am kinda plant h
  13. I need to start watching more of these contests for inspiration! The things that you all are creating are 😮!
  14. Thank you! For many years I had no idea how much fun this could be!
  15. Here is my first attempt.
  16. OK, I had been improving and perfecting my headline bars and the final results came out better than I had expected. I started using them and those results came out well and I even replaced a few recent new ones. So it was time to create some more and then one of the most basic ones(my orange one) won't pull up and also it's 2 latest creations. In the Headlines folder where I put them also the same 3 now show a FastStone placeholder graphic. When attempting to pull them up it gives this error: Application version: paint.net 4.1.6 System.ArgumentExceptio
  17. I can breathe a little easier. When I see some of the kinds of things people are creating though...
  18. How did I miss all these awesome plugins? Last year I went on a binge and thought that I got almost all of them. That plugin answers an old question. I had been wondering how to do gradients with multiple colors. Previously I would do things like layers and then put them together. Not long ago I needed multiple gradients for a guide I was writing and I got what I was looking for the harder way. I had never attempted anything like it and my first attempt came up with this one: Yeah! That is exactly what I was looking for. I have been
  19. Yeah. I kinda was thinking about doing something like that anyways. Not only do I need a backup of it- but I also will be migrating away from this backup computer back to my main rig and will be transferring a lot of files around. If I have time, maybe I will do some testing and see what happens.
  20. I always thought that you sound experienced. I was laying out different recreations of past steps to see if maybe that was causing any changes. Now maybe the 2 versions is it. Perhaps I had the wrong variable. Now I am going to steeple my hands and do my best Mr. Spock: "There seems to be an error in my logic. I shall attempt to reexamine...." (Add in one eyebrow raise^)
  21. Hmmm. Maybe try my procedure and see if it gives different results(assuming that you do it differently.) That seems to indicate that procedures could be in play. Other methods that I have used: I have DLed the plugins, opened the(created sub-folder) in my downloads just for them, used PeaZip to unzip them in there and then either copied and pasted into C/program files/PDN/Effects. Or Dragged and dropped the DLL files into C/program files/PDN/Effects. I need to take a food break- but maybe I could try doing it each way and see if th
  22. PDN was running in the background I then switched windows. I always have it running in the background because I may need to use it at any moment(more and more lately) and 99+% of the time I have the same programs and folders running. I keep one maximized window to focus on and then switch around between them as needed. For me(and most people), that is the fastest flow. Others may have their own style... With the plugins, the procedure was identical. Find the plugin, DL it, Right click and tell PeaZip to "Extract to"(with PDN's Effects folder path saved as a bookmark) and then switc
  23. For that one it was just a straight download and then I used PeaZip to extract it right into the effects folder. I switched to PDN, pulled up effects and tried it on a test image and everything worked! Having said that, I just did the exact same procedure with Cell Texture and it did not show up right away. At this very moment I just restarted PDN and there that one was ready to go. So one required a restart. The other didn't. UPDATE: I just did a 3rd one. I found an old Align plugin and it also did not require a restart. It's pretty clear. Most don't requir
  24. It's confirmed. I am reading a bunch of other threads and one mentioned using Emboss+. I just put it in the Effects folder and there it was ready to go- and no restart.
  25. I like more old school icons- but the new set definitely works so it's not a criticism . Everyone has their thing. That really is the nature of good open source tech. The program "as downloaded" often times is best as a cheese pizza. You then can pick out the toppings you like as add-ons/extensions/plugins... If you really explore open source tech and max it out many people can have the exact same program and it ends up dramatically different for different people and how they use it. I have some very strong preferences and opinions- but it is a free country.
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