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  1. So that sounds pretty embedded. Also, as a side note; I spent a while testing Plex and Kodi and I found Kodi superior for a number of reasons. PDN is something I absolutely have to have and Kodi is on the rise for me. I guess that it is time to close out some projects and put that update back. This deal appears to be sealed. Thanks to everyone for responding. How about some puppies to brighten up your night/morning?
  2. Thank you for responding- but I am looking to go a little deeper into what is it about this one? How deeply embedded does it go? Are there workarounds or is this one absolute?
  3. When doing the system restart a couple of (I had never seen before) dialogues popped up asking about configuration after the offending update was removed. I just now clicked on PDN and it came up with a similar one(again.) Here is a screenshot:
  4. All drivers are up to date. My best guess is that PDN may have some sort of dependency. Maybe it is critical or perhaps there is a workaround???
  5. Clarificiation: The original project did not start off as a PDN concern and I am not looking for general tech help. The point is that when the main rig is ready it will have many OSes and I wanted to start fresh with a number of troublesome Windows updates not included in the initial round of updates. The original point was to exclude GWX updates(besides, it will have stinky Windows 10 anyways as one of the OSes), telemetry and known buggy/troublesome updates. So, I also did a search of installed updates on the backup computer(that I am presently using) and found that one alleged to be troublesome. Upon reboot it said that PDN can't start without it. So yes, this did become a PDN issue.
  6. Hi, I had been putting together a master list of troublesome Windows updates. There are lists all over and I am looking to put it all into one concise list. Part of it is because I am rebuilding my main multi-OS rig and right now I am on a backup with Windows 7. Anyways, I went and uninstalled a few existing updates and here are 2 (3rd party's) quotes regarding one of them: Platform update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 = breaks AERO functionality and gives you blurry fonts on some websites. And brakes Resource monitor in 125DPI in classic mode And another: KB2670838: The EVIL Update, breaks AERO on Windows 7 and makes some fonts on websites fuzzy, Windows 7 specific update only (Do not install IE10 or 11, otherwise it will be bundled with them. IE9 is the max version you should install) So then after finishing up some projects I rebooted and (anecdotally- no hard metrics at this point) the whole process seemed faster. I got a couple of interesting popups asking about configurations as the desktop was forming. I started firing up all my usual programs and when I hit PDN I got a dialogue saying that it requires this update! Ouch! So, does anybody in the know have some knowledge to contribute? I am itching to get to creating images and I want to figure this one out! In the mean time, here is a totally unrelated image just for the fun of it.
  7. There is something strange. I went and checked both folders and the files are very different. Do you think that maybe I should compare them, do some copying and pasting... and then delete one set?
  8. This was interesting. The DLLs are in BOTH folders. When hovering over them the paths are identical and I made sure to read the version numbers as shown. They show identically. Here is a sample from a random plugin:
  9. Hi, I am forced to post because of an issue updating and a question. However, before all of that I have to state that in the past maybe half year I went and downloaded seemingly every plugin and went nutso with them! For years I had been making images and I was kinda stuck at a low level. I downloaded some YouTube videos and once they showed me how to do a couple of remarkably simple things I took the rest from there and I was able to start creating the kinds of images that I always thought that I would have to pay other people to do. Not only am I getting a lot done- it is a lot of FUN! Now, back to the issues at hand. I went and updated this plugin pack and after restarting PDN all of the plugins(from this pack) are showing doubly in the menus. I will include a sample image to show what I am seeing. I restarted PDN and the doubles remain. Has anybody else seen this one or have any ideas on what to do here? A secondary question is about "Burninate." I don't see this one anywhere. Is it the same thing as "Render, Flames" just under another name? As a side note the other day I needed to create a pair of images with carpet floors. I couldn't think of how to do it at first and soon I tried generating some flames and playing with the settings, a few other tweaks and they turned out looking just like carpet! How cool is that? I had no idea that creating art could be fun fun fun!
  10. OK, I just did a system restore and it did restore PDN- but I never got to find out if any of the solutions worked. It kinda still sticks in my craw trying to figure out just what was going on. The other one is I have run many system file checks- and at least according to them all the system files are intact.
  11. So what was the solution? I saw broken links, a whole lot of registry editing... I tried the .net repair tool... What did I miss? Please spell it out.
  12. OK. I don't know what to click on or how to grab that information. When retrying it I am stuck at this stage: The install goes partially through and then hits this roadblock. Here is a screenshot:
  13. I like keeping setup files- but you are right. I should have bookmarked the official download site. Anyways, I did a fresh download and the results were the same.
  14. The files should be legitimate. The majority of the times when I have updated PDN the updates came from Filehippo. Also, in case something was wrong with the 4.06 I also gave 4.05 a try and got the same errors( I believe in keeping an old version or two around of setup files in my download folder in case of bad updates and similar situations.) Also, I went in and used the program Search Everything and wiped out every last trace of the previous installs of PDN(or so it seems) to see if there was anything left jamming up the works- and that also proved unsuccessful. However, there may be more evidence. I am getting SD Display errors when attempting to install some software from Stardock such as Windowblinds and WinFX. I don't know if these events are related though and I am racking my brains to think of anything that could be a culprit.