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How do i enlarge part of an image, with the rest being "squished" around it.

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Hey! im editing a texture together and i'd like to resize the black pupil (Image 1) to be the size of the one in Image 2, with the rest of the eye being squished/dragged around it (kinda like proportional mode in Blender, to give you a rough mental image), so i wont lose any of the crucial details in the eye (in shape, i understand due to resolution detail will be lost).
this is quite a specific thing, so it wont be surprising if there isnt anything like this, but im still asking in case there is an addon or simply a different method for achieving something like this.

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Hello @NDxDirectorsCut and welcome :)


If I understand you correctly, you want the pupil in image 1, to be like the one in image 2 ?


If so:


1. Use the Ellipse tool :EllipseSelectTool: and draw around the pupil in image one (use the Move Tool :MoveSelectionTool: to resize accurately)

2. Cut it out.

3. Make a new layer over the image 1.

4.  Paste into the new layer.

5.  Deselect layer 2 and then flatten.




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Try Liquify.


Look what it did to this puddy tat....



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6 hours ago, ardneh said:

EER we are taking a very close look at your suggestion.


😆 👍

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