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Make background image appear in the cut out of my image

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Assuming the Mickey Mouse image is on a white
background, put it on a layer above the watercolor background.


Then Magic Wand the white area outside Mickey.

Press "Ctrl I" to invert the selection, then press Delete on the keyboard.

The watercolor should now show through a  Mickey-shaped hole.


You can clean up the edges of the hole using

AA's_Assistant or Feather Object plugin effects.



Feather Object

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Try this technique 


The image links are broken, but the PDF has them.


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Similar to how text is done but I don't 
seem to be able to get the same results.


Yes. Unless you are starting with a solid 
color silhouette of Mickey Mouse, the 
"Image in text" tutorial won't work 
without some adjustments.


Try what I've suggested. Let us know 
whether it works for you.


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Hi @Indarcos and welcome :)


Here is a tutorial which will give you the idea of how the layers are used as a stencil/cutout:




How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

My Gallery | My Deviant Art

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