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[NormalMap] Restore Z from X and Y


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Hello @xrModder - congratulations on this plugin!


Can I suggest you change the location of it to Effects > Height Map? There are several tools which use this submenu, and I think yours will be a good fit.

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In English please @xrModder. It is acceptable to post a Google Translation :)


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This is awesome! I used to have to do these kind of things manually, and the option to pick what channels to use from the source image are very useful for nonstandard normalmap formats.


It'd be nice if there was also an option to copy an existing Z channel from a layer rather than generate it, this would make this also a useful tool for converting normalmaps between different engines (since they often have different/inverted channels) while keeping Z 1:1 the same, and options to pick which channels to use for the output, although that might be better suited as its own tool.

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