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  1. Paint.NET used to work fine with transparent colors. I have an image with transparent pixels, the values of those pixels get saved, there is no problem. Now EVERYTHING wants to be transparent BLACK! New layer, used to be white, now it's black. Eraser, erase some stuff, now it's #00000000! I'm like 99% sure it used to be normal transparent white before... What's worse is that I've got an image, right? It's got transparent blacks and whites in it, right? It's for a game. This game's texture rendering is very old and bad, and only has specular highlights on white pixels, and not black pixels, even if it's transparent. So #ffffff00 is glossy and #00000000 is matte. But no matter how many times i re-save with FULL COLOR DEPTH the #ffffff00 pixels in the center turn to #00000000! Even if i set the alpha to 1 or 2 instead of 0 it collapses to transparent black! I had to make it #ffffff05.. Paint.NET used to work fine for this kinda stuff.. at least for the weird selection tool changes there's an option to give it the old correct functionality for magic wand and transparent pixels, I can't find any option anywhere to make erasers and new layers white transparent.. this is driving me mad. Full color depth is supposed to be lossless, why is it doing this?
  2. MS Paint has this type of text formatting and it does come very useful when adding text to an image and wanting to highlight parts of it. I'd rather input formatted directly, and in a transparent layer, than print-screen it. Also most word processors have ugly ugly cleartype.
  3. Alright. I like using https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111468-recolor-using-palette/ to limit images to custom palettes, and i like using https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/20096-simulate-color-depth-updated-13-07-11/ to limit images to standard RGB palettes of varying bit depth, with dithering. But i wish i could dither something exactly to a custom palette. Also the Floyd-Steinberg option in that plugin does nothing and Stucki crashes the effect. Is there or could someone make a plugin like that?
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