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How to zoom and pan to specific dimensions

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My previous employer had developed a custom tool to allow an image to be framed to a certain size and allowed us to zoom (using the mouse wheel) and pan using (the mouse pointer) an image so it fit the given space. Something like this would be very helpful to me as I am a web developer as we are given images that need to fit in a particular size and aspect ratio and more often than not these images are significantly larger and a different aspect ratio than the space I need to fit it in. I've tried resizing the canvas and the image to fit along with the fixed size/fixed ratio selector but it requires a lot of trial and error and is time consuming. The custom tool I used to have access to was great as I could get the desired results in seconds. Is there a way in Paint.net to do something like this? I would think I'd need to do this in multiple layers and save it as a *.PDN file so I could go back and make edits if necessary.

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Not sure, but this might be useful: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/22810-composition-tool/. It has a large array of preset ratio's.

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