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Trouble saving images as different file types.

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Did you choose PNG or JPEG in the file type drop down in the Save As dialog? (the one where you choose folder and type in file name)


You can't just type in .png or .tiff for the file name. You have to choose the file type as well. Usually you don't even need to type the extension at all except in a few weird cases.

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2 hours ago, melgrahamart said:

shows up on my computer as a pdn file

I think it's because you have set PDN as the default programme to open these files. This is also the case on my PC. If, however, you right-click on a png or tiff file and choose properties, it'll show the "png" or "tif" extension.

Your files are not changed in any way. What you see is just File Explorer telling you that, if you double-click this particular file, it will open within PDN.



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Hi, thanks guys. Yes @Rick BrewsterI did scroll down and choose the file type not type it in manually. I think you are right @Djisves I think it is a setting where I've accidentally made paint.net the default to open all file types. What was confounding me is that I always save a paint.net version with the layers separate and then a PNG or JPEG version which is flattened. It was frustrating me because I couldn't tell which was which because they both say they are PDN files when I hover over the thumbnail in the destination folder but one is actually a PNG so I'm just guessing which to try to upload  It's probably a setting I've got wrong. I'll keep trying to figure it out. Thanks for the help.

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Makes more sense to change the default opening program back to the default Windows picture viewer for all image file types. That way the icon immediately tells you what file type it is. You can open any image file using PDN from the right mouse context menu so it is still just two clicks to open it in PDN.


Only other image file type I have which set for PDN to open by default are DDS which I do not use much but is essential for one niche file converter I use. PDN is the quickest tool I have for converting to DDS so it made sense but even that has caused me the occasional file type identification problem.  


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