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paint.net 4.2.5 is now available!

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This is a pretty straightforward update, adding WebP (*.webp) support and fixing a few important bugs (like copy-paste from Firefox).


If you’re using the Windows Store release, you should get the update automatically within the next 24 hours. You can also force an update check by following these instructions.


For the Classic release, you should be offered the update automatically within the next week or so. You can get the update sooner by going to ⚙ Settings → Updates → Check Now. You can also download and install it directly from the website.


Changes since 4.2.4:

  • New: WebP images are now supported due to bundling @null54's excellent WebPFileType plugin (v1.3.0.0)
  • Fixed: Pasting images from Firefox's "Take a Screenshot" feature was resulting in swapped red and blue channels due to mishandling of DIB_V5 clipboard data using the BI_RGB value for bV5Compression (thanks @null54 for the fix!)
  • Fixed crash at startup (for both app and installer) on Windows "N" editions due to missing mfplat.dll (Media Foundation Platform)
  • Updated bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to v1.9.7.0



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Thanks for the update, and for all your hard work in general!


Now won't you please consider having PN "remember" the positions of dialog boxes—if not from one session to another, then at least during the same session—so we don't have to keep stopping to drag them away from the center of the editing area... every... single... time... we... open... them... ?


If the boxes were non-modal (as in GIMP), and we could just leave them open, it wouldn't be so bad. But you can't resume using PN without closing them—so it's drag, drag, drag...


If you're worried that users may change their screen resolutions between sessions, resulting in off-screen boxes, just have PN check the current resolution before showing them—and if necessary, adjust the box's coordinates to place it back on-screen. That's just good coding, in any app.


Okay, I'll stop bothering you now—at least till the next version turns out to have "attention-hogging" dialog boxes too..  ;?)



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19 hours ago, anderpainter said:

please consider having PN "remember" the positions of dialog boxes


I'd be happy with an options to align effect dialogs. Left, middle, right and top, middle, bottom with respect to the main window.

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"Updated bundled DDSFileTypePlus plugin to v1.9.7.0"


I have only just found out we no longer have to change the filename extension to .dds2 anymore :) (I know, a bit late to the party it happened a few versions ago)

Loading and saving to the newer dds formats like BC7 Linear and generating mipmaps, is all supported.


@Rick Brewster and @null54

Thank you so much for this, renaming, working, and then renaming back to .dds with a few hundred files was tedious to say the least, though I was grateful of having some kind of solution to working with newer format dds files .. PN direct support for working with them is a huge help.


Again many thanks :)

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