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  1. And thats where my answer is, thanks null54, good to know it is still going to get integrated, I have been watching your topic and release notes ever since Rick mentioned it but missed that "Whats next" topic :)
  2. Could we please have a clue as to when we can expect the promised DDS Filetype Plus to be fully integrated in PDN? It was stated as an intent to include it, more than a year ago (Sep 2017) by @Rick Brewster, who was going to try and include it within a few months. On Github the plugin is now at version 1.9.2, which includes DirectXTex Nov 16 2018. null54 could not answer the same question when asked recently (Nov 2018) I have seen the (locked) Popular Feature Requests sticky, but that has not been updated since 2016 which was a year before Rick said the plugin would be integrated. Is there a roadmap somewhere else? .
  3. Looks good to me. Thank you for the research put into that.
  4. Full answer and a couple of test results on github https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-ddsfiletype-plus/issues/2
  5. Superb, so the first issue will be dealt with in due course. I hope then that the second issue of conforming to the same naming conventions as per the Intel Texture Works plugin for Adobe Photoshop can be adhered to so that when we select a format it is the same name. Choosing from your options in the PDN plugin at the moment does not fill me with confidence that I am saving in BC7 8bpp Fine (Linear, DX11+) and will end up with a normal map that has barely detectable compression artifacts (which is desired, and would not be true if I get the option chosen wrong due to different naming conventions) Compare this With this BC7 Linear Fine the latter screenshot has very little compression artifacting which shows up very much on an in game model where the artifacting is translated into bump mapping on the surface of a model, depending upon your 3D point of view on the object, such compression artifacting can look awful in game .. So getting the right format to save and sticking to the naming conventions is quite important here.
  6. When saving one of the new format DDS .. Say BC7 The file is given a filename like name.dds2 Which is sort of ok, if you rename it to .dds then the target game will recognise it for the type of dds it is anyway - Would just be better if we did not have to rename it and it used the .dds extension as normal. Note Intel Texture Works plugin for Adobe Photoshop does not have this problem, a BC7 dds file with the normal .dds file extension loads just fine into Adobe Photoshop, just like they do with a game engine that supports them (Skyrim Special Edition / Fallout 4). Also, when loading the same texture back into Paint.Net, if the file is now named .dds, PDN will try to load it but fails to recognise the file, even though it was made with PDN - Solution = rename it name.dds2 Then PDN will recognise and load it correctly O_o, bizarre state of affairs. Can you fix this behaviour please. ---------------------------- Issue 2 = In accordance with Intel Texture Works plugin save dialogue we are supposed to be able to save a BC7 as Linear Fine (second BC7 option in the linked screenshot) But in the save dialogue for dds2 implemented in PDN there is no such option that seems to stick to the same naming convention Which of your options equates to .. BC7 8bpp Fine (Linear, DX11+) And if you do actually support the same option, could it be made to read as BC7 Fine Linear in accordance with the Intel Texture Works dialogue screenshot, so that we are all singing off the same hymn sheet and know for certain the format saved is the format desired. Note : I have also added an issue to the plugin GitHub Issues page https://github.com/0xC0000054/pdn-ddsfiletype-plus/issues/2