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Sakana Oji

Glitterific Plugin

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I have recently created another plugin called "Glitterific"! It adds a lovely glittery effect to your picture.


Below is an example to show what the plugin looks like:



Below is the plugin GUI:


"Translucent to Solid" determines how see-through or opaque the glitter is; in other words, it controls the noise intensity.

"Vividness" controls the saturation of the glitter's color.

"Glue Ratio" is just another word I made up for "Coverage". (I've been trying to give some unique fancy names to the noise settings, don't give me the look!) It determines how much glitter there is stuck to the picture.


Here are more examples using the plugin at different settings:


(Oops, I spelled "default" wrong! Sorry about that)


Download the plugin here:


Let's see what you think of my plugin - I think it's pretty neat, huh?

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29 minutes ago, Sakana Oji said:

Let's see what you think of my plugin...


This is just the Noise effect with just a slight lightening effect atop of it.  Can you not a achieve the same result by simply reducing the Intensity slider in the Noise effect? (I believe you can)


CodeLab makes it super easy for anyone to create a plugin, but you should spend some time making your effect plugin unique.

Invoking the Noise effect and changing its parameter labels in the GUI... it's just script kiddie stuff, and obnoxious.


My two cents. It may be a bit harsh, but I think you need to hear it.

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I agree with toe_head2001. This isn't a worthy plugin if it only replicates simple application of the built in tools.


Please don't be in a hurry to write plugins. Think HARD about the uniqueness of your plugin BEFORE publication. There are hundreds of plugins out there already, including quite a few "Noise" plugins (like Noisechoice).


If you're unsure, post your plugin in the Development section of the forum and ask for guidance.

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