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Effects folder empty.

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Greetings Ziutoslaw,

None of the steps that you have gone thru will restore an empty folder. I you had only a few plugins installed, you could simple reinstall them and see it that is your only problem.

If you restore points before the date the folder came up empty, you may have success in restoring the computer to that date.


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1 hour ago, BoltBait said:

Are you running the store copy of Paint.NET?


From the screenshot, I can tell that the answer to this question is: no.


Super obscure pro-tip: the Store release doesn't include SetupNgen.exe or PdnRepair.exe :) 

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3 hours ago, Ziutoslaw said:

I've installed a BoltBait's Plugin Pack and i don't know how to uninstall this...


My plugin pack is distributed with an installer. Run that installer and UNcheck all of my plugins you want to remove, then click the install button. All of the unchecked plugins will be uninstalled. 

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The problem with Effects folder might be because he had older plugins which have newer versions included in Boltbait's Plugin Pack. What I found is when I installed selected plugins from the pack rather than the whole thing a few, not all, of the older version plugins already installed went missing from my Effects folder.


I did not notice this until several weeks later when I wanted to use one of those plugins and I couldn't find it anywhere in Effects. I re-installed it from the pack and all has been fine since. The one I remember for sure had gone missing after the initial pack install was Old Feather but I'm fairly certain there were a few others.


However unless there were only a few plugins in Effects before the OP's problem occurred I don't see how using Boltbait's pack could have deleted them all let alone also failed to install whatever plugins (all?) selected from the pack.


There's really nothing too uninstall; as Boltbait says the plugin pack has its own installer, it is a standalone/portable .exe so if you want rid of it just delete it. The fact is it should work and Effects should not be empty however it was used. That suggests a problem with the Paint.net installation itself.


What I'd do is first try again as Boltbait advises and if the result is still an empty Effects folder try adding other packs and manually install other plugin .dlls, exiting and restarting PDN and see if they go missing. If they're still there then try Boltbait's pack again and see what happens.


If none of this fixes the trouble then I'd use Revo Uninstaller to thoroughly (Advanced) uninstall PDN. It creates a restore point so you can always go back.


Then install a fresh copy of PDN from here and make sure your system meets the requirements shown for the latest version. Try installing Boltbait's Plugin pack or selected plugins from it again and all should be good.







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