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Is There a Way to Switch Transparent Color with Non-Transparent Colors?

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First of all I am new in forum so I hope I opened my topic in right place. If not please accept my apology.


So for a non-profit modding project I need to change places of transparent color with non-transparent colors. In the example pictures below, what needs to be done is; Pixels with colors need to convert to transparent color while pixels with transparent color need to convert to a specific color (Probably it would be a specific color like orange or white or black). I will do it for at least 1000 images and not all of them are easy to work on so I need something automatic or at least can be done via a couple of clicks instead of selecting every area with Magic Wand.




If you can help me I would be very glad. Thank you.


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Hi EG0611,

You can try this plugin. I don't know if it works with the Japanese characters.



Also you can use Shift+Magic Wand to select the entire background (even the hole in the characters).

Then you have 2 options:

1. Use Delete key to clear the background (if it have only a single color) and keep only the characters.

2. Ctr+I (Invert) and Delete the characters and keep the background.


For automatic tasks I don't think there is any PDN solution.

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15 hours ago, EG0611 said:

pixels with transparent color need to convert to a specific color


Easiest way to do this is to add a new layer and fill that with the Primary color. Here's how:


1. Open the image

2. Set the Primary color to the specific color you want

3. Press Ctrl + Shift + N to add a new layer

4. Drag the new layer below the existing layer in the Layers Window

5. Press Ctrl + A to select all,  then hit Backspace to fill the entire layer with the Primary color


For doing multiple images, you might want to save the colored layer and use Layers > Import from file.


15 hours ago, EG0611 said:

Pixels with colors need to convert to transparent color


Try this plugin (which might also do the above task too)



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Another reminder: you're using an old version of Paint.NET, 4.0.19. Make sure you get the latest, which is currently 4.0.21.


Staying on top of updates is extremely important. Please make sure you have the auto-updater enabled in Settings (gear icon at top right of main window).

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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I'd do it by filling a layer with the desired color, as explained by Ego Eram Reputo, then using BoltBait's Paste Alpha plugin to copy and paste the inverted alpha values from the image into the colored layer. Set the alpha source to "clipboard alpha," and check the "invert calculation" checkbox.


If you have to do it for 1000 images, it might get kind of tedious, but Paint.NET isn't a batch-processing program

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Thank you everybody, first of all I learned that what I need wasn't replacing color and alpha channel but painting colors to the black or white while keeping alpha channel which sounds way more easier. But still doing it for 1000 files is a hard task.


@xod your suggestion worked well but my co-worder didn!t quite like it. He said the results were too "blocky"

@Ego Eram Reputo it didn't work as it painted all area to specific color. Also the mod you linked is not downloadable.

@Rick Brewster it is portable version. My work PC has strick administration protection so I had to setup Portable Paint.net to my Extended driver.

@MJW Bolt's package seems the most useful thing for me. It and @xod 's shift key suggestion would be useful for me. I sent initial files to my co-worker and I am waiting results.


Thank you all of you :)

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