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Are Mockup Object Templates Possible With Paint.NET?

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I have a design which I want to put on a mug. It's actually a mockup with someone holding a mug that has my design on it. The mug has a placeholder for any design.

I noticed that the mockup file extension is .PSD however I use Paint.NET for designing.


Is there a way I can modify that mockup by adding my own design with Paint.NET?



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13 minutes ago, welshblue said:

You could use Shape3D HERE and play with the size settings in Cylinder Mode


The advantages of ready mockup templates is that there is already person and background. Those are "rich" mockups versus just object on a background. That's why I am so locked on using those mockup templates.


Also, description to those templates mentions the following:


"Use the PSD’s smart object to replace the design."


Looks like only Photoshop has this "Smart Object" feature...

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Smart objects take your texture and manipulate it to appear printed on the mug. Using paint.net the same process can be performed, but it has to be done manually (step by step). Paint.net doesn't have smart objects.


You will need to place your texture on a new layer, then bend, crop, resize and warp it to appear to conform to the curvature of the mug.

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