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  1. @MJW Maybe it would be better if I drew one little "stitch" in Inkscape and then made a small tile of it with several "stitches" so I could do the tiling thing? You mentioned raster but would it have 300 DPI? If not, I could do what I asked about in vector program and set DPI beforehand?
  2. Hi, I want to have that \/ little graphic repeated continuously to occupy entire 4000 x 4000px canvas. Like this:
  3. There are online vector tracing websites. Have you tried them? How different is online tracing versus Paint.NET tracing?
  4. Hello. Here's an example image of silhouette: What I am looking for is to have everything white inside but have dark outline with specific width in px if possible. I tried outline tool but it gives curvy and pixelated result. Thanks
  5. Hello, Here's the example stock photo where I want to cut out the man and transform it from graphic to vector: Then have a black outline and color space will be white, like this: Thanks!
  6. Hello, I have small vector graphic (snow flake) which I want to fill large 4000x4000 canvas with. Example: What is the right steps to do that? I assume I will have to use InkScape to work with small vector in order to resize and duplicate it all over the large canvas to fill it entirely? Thanks.
  7. The advantages of ready mockup templates is that there is already person and background. Those are "rich" mockups versus just object on a background. That's why I am so locked on using those mockup templates. Also, description to those templates mentions the following: "Use the PSD’s smart object to replace the design." Looks like only Photoshop has this "Smart Object" feature...
  8. Hello, I have a design which I want to put on a mug. It's actually a mockup with someone holding a mug that has my design on it. The mug has a placeholder for any design. I noticed that the mockup file extension is .PSD however I use Paint.NET for designing. Is there a way I can modify that mockup by adding my own design with Paint.NET? Thanks.
  9. Hello, My question is about curve / line select tool. Here is a screenshot: I need it to perform selection be capable selection, while allowing to resize and change line's or curve's shape . I need something like rectangle selection tool but that would allow for more flexibility and precision to target spots that I want to delete. So instead of using eraser which requires precise selection and movement with mouse, I think curve / line selection would make it way easier. Like below example, except that instead of painting black lines, I would be able to put
  10. Thanks. I know .DLL is for plugins directory but what does .EXE file do?
  11. Hi there. This tool is very slow in rendering for me. I have dual-core 2.6MHz Intel CPU with 8GB of RAM FYI What are system requirements for this plugin?
  12. Hello guys. Moderartor suggested I should try Ed's plugin for what I want to accomplish. What I want to accomplish is commercial photography by applying proper touch up for photos I made with my old digital camera. My photos even when shooting on sunlight do not have enough lighting plus it feels as camera also leaves green tint on photos. The process is removing background, putting object on white background and adjusting it by raising light levels so although artificially, it looks like it was shot with enough lighting. Applying color adjustment later would be bonus and not as required as li
  13. @ReMake Thanks but you actually answered something different than I meant to ask. Now I know about uneditable text which you validated what I assumed. But my question above was about .PSD file made in unknown to me software graphical editor. I got my hands on that file and have dozens of layers each for element that should be able to be changed. I select 1 element and I just want to change text there but it only changes name of that element. Can I change that text in element or I will have to design it again? I remember usually I was able to change font and text but in my case can it b
  14. When I try editing graphical font in .PSD layer, it just edits name but it does not reflect changes on actualy picture. Is this plugin just for viewing and moving layers and does not allow changing of characters in fonts?
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