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Distort This! v2.10 (Dec 27, 2021)

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Version 2.10 has been released.


This version adds the ability to move a Side (two adjacent corners together).

I also made some minor improvements to the Mirror option(s).


See first post for download.

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(September 25th, 2023)  Sorry about any broken images in my posts. I am aware of the issue.

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I dont' understand why distort this! does move vertically, when I set the nubs to distort only horizontally! (what is what I would need).


I made a simple example. Even the thin lower line of the rectangle gets moved up and made thick. The shape has changed to a triangle, but the proportions of the parts are not even kept. Pls note that I turned off Perspective, it is not checked. Questions:

(2) What is the sense of this?


(1) how do I stretch (or minus-stretch) something  hor-wise or such in any direction that I want to specify. For example stretching a foto horizontally, but trapezally (lower part more than upper part). (opposite to what I have drawn examplywise here.)

Screenshot 20220215040129.png

Screenshot 20220215040207.png

Screenshot 20220215040246.png

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but when I set Perspective and V ~50 percent I get the effect I wish, but don't understand.

And don't understand where my previous post (topic in forum Paint.NET Discussions and Questions, a few minutes before this post) has disappeared to

Screenshot 20220215042951.png

Screenshot 20220215043011.png

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and here are the images that correspond to the first "reply" (triangle)

(i'll also try to extend the distortion, surrounding the image with a larger canvas and post)


Screenshot 20220215124420.pngScreenshot 20220215124432.png

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trying to scale the original screen shots, when including in the post.
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Hi, I can't get the DistortThis pluging function to show up in Paint.net Effects-Distort dropdown menu. I downloaded the Distortthis.zip and unzipped it and copied DistortThis.dll (only file in the zip) to C:\programfiles\paint.net. I restarted Paint.net but find no means to select the effect. I suspect there is another step I must do, but don't know what. Please help? This is my first Plugin download attempt, I am a newbie in this arena. Thanks

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This is so much awesome. I've spent 2 hours with other perpective plugins to fit an image onto a laptop's screen (well, I thought it was a basic feature in Paint.net, but I could not reach the desired effect in the built-in tool, which is not bad anyhow). With DistortThis! it took under a minute. Work area is also an excellent idea! Hands down!



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