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  1. The plugin is located in the Effects > Object submenu. For installation, copy the dll into the Effects folder. Start Paint.net and check the presence of the plugin.
  2. This tutorial has made me addicted. I can't stop playing with this awesome TOR plugin.
  3. Thank you all for the reputation points. @welshblueI starting with a shape of 150x500px. The image below was made in the same way except that I cut the sharp edges of the waves.
  4. Very inspiring tutorial. Thanks @welshblue! This is my first try, but I used ImageDistortion plugin instead of Wobble. I used Vertical Distortions and Shapes = Wave with the following settings: Intensity = 0.07 Curvature = 22.0 I rotated the object only 5 degrees.
  5. Also, you can try TR's PseudoSnap plugin: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/27636-trs-pseudosnap-v12-april-29th-2014/