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  1. Sorry for my mistake... fatigue and haste. However, this means that CodeLab detects the erroneous parameters of the Render method. Wouldn't it be nice to generate an error message?
  2. I have two identical C # files. One is recognized by CodeLab the other is not. The event happened after I saved the files on the Desktop. After saving, when reopened, one of them is no longer recognized. Untitled2.zip
  3. No, it don't bothers me, you did a great job with this Template. Thank you.
  4. I just want to mention that in Project Template - Effect the slider has a minimum value equal to 0 which leads to crash due to division by zero in the following line: CurrentPixel = (y% amount1 == 0)? ... Also, SubmenuName is Blur although I think it should be null to be easily found by the user. The plugin below was created just to test some things. It doesn't do anything special, it just draws lines and a circle. The color control is based on the control in the CodeLab source code and is quite similar. Here is the source code: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9f9gz
  5. CodeLab source contains a very useful custom control - PdnColor. Is it legal to use this control in our plugins created in VisualStudio?
  6. If you have a few tabs on your Form: InitializeComponent(); UseAppThemeColors = true; TabControl.TabPageCollection pages = tabControl1.TabPages; foreach (TabPage page in pages) { if (page is TabPage) { page.ForeColor = ForeColor; page.BackColor = BackColor; } } But TabpageHeader will not change its color.
  7. This plugin can be found in the Effects Menu. You need to put OptionBasedLibrary v0.7.8 dlc and dll files in paint.net folder and WarpTextOnPath dll and dlc files in Effects folder. The UI: WarpTextOnPath.zip
  8. And Luca Stricagnoli variant. He's no gentler with his guitar either.
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