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  1. ShapeMaker is a great tool. Thanks to all those who contributed to the creation of this very professional plugin. I haven't read all the documentation, but I'm wondering if we can create shapes like the one in the picture below.
  2. My way: 1. Draw a Linear Gradient with any color from top to bottom (left to right in order to get vertical stripes). Keep shift key pressed. 2. Choose Paint Bucket tool, change tolerance to 10% (big tolerance = wide stripes, small tolerance = narrow stripes). 3. Disable Antialiasing (very important!). 4. Create stripes using Paint Bucket with desired colors. Click on linear gradient already created. Change color using Color Wheel. This methode works even for concentric circular stripes, but you need to make a Radial Gradient.
  3. Diffusion plugin The plugin is in Effects > Stylize submenu. The UI: Diffusion.zip
  4. I created this plugin for personal purposes. Because there are already several such plugins I will not post it in the dedicated tread. If you like it use it. If you don't like it, I'm sorry. AlignNSD.zip
  5. You can try to change Text Rendering Mode:
  6. It's not a big deal, but I've noticed that after checking for updates when I return to the User Interface, the Color Scheme and Language list no longer displays the latest settings.
  7. And another one unpublished yet: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111330-unfinished-plugins/?do=findComment&comment=551323
  8. You can try Align+ plugin: Click on the arrow in the top right corner...
  9. You can do it using Image Distortion plugin. I used this settings to made image below: I first used a white background to see the distortion on the canvas. Then in a transparent layer I placed the text and then I ran the plugin. As you can see, you need to position the text correctly on its own layer and then run the plugin.
  10. I don't know how to enable Dark Theme for labels. I tried a lot of variants for Enabled / Disabled labels. If the control whose name is a label is Enabled everything is OK, but if it is Disabled the text turns black and is not visible. It's about a group of controls placed on a panel. In fact the panel is Enabled / Disabled. What's the trick?
  11. This was made with Text Distortion and Image Distortion plugins.
  12. Thanks MJW! This code seems to work fine only for rectangular selection: Rectangle sel = EnvironmentParameters.SelectionBounds; //check if selection is tilted Rectangle[] selectionRectangles = EnvironmentParameters.GetSelectionAsPdnRegion().GetRegionScansInt(); if(selectionRectangles[0].X != sel.X) { //selection is tilted }
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