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  1. Thanks, but I need to clarify the limitations of this plugin. The implemented Undo function is extremely simple, so that each time the left mouse button is lifted, the entire canvas is saved in memory. This means extremely high memory consumption depending on the complexity of the drawing and the size of the canvas. It is advisable to save the drawing on the canvas from time to time with the OK button. At this point the memory is freed. If you do not move the drawing on the canvas you will be able to continue it when the plugin is run again. The grid will fit perfectly.
  2. English is not my natural language. I can correct the mistake if you show it to me.
  3. This plugin is located in Effects > Tools. DrawingTool.zip
  4. This is possible using BoltBait's Outline Object or Pyrochild's Outline Object plugin.
  5. Try "Duotone Ink on Paper" plugin from KrisVDM. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/8375-drop-shadow-and-other-effects-krisvdms-plugin-pack-updated-2010-10-26/
  6. Thanks @lynxster4, but I use 4.2.16 version which is the newest. Well, this only happens when I save the file on the desktop.
  7. If I save very large image (> 10000 x 3000px) PDN generates a file that can not be deleted. (I use Unlocker for this). I don't know if someone else has encountered this problem.
  8. I understand that you were upset by BB's statement, but I think OBL is very useful. Please don't stop developing it. Just put all the information about OBL so that no such misunderstandings occur.
  9. You can try Point Warp plugin: Also you can use Image Distortion plugin (don't forget to center your image on the canvas before running it):
  10. Yes TH, you are right. It is about Decimal symbol for numbers - must be dot. If is comma the error is displayed.
  11. My suggestion is to run the plugin several times, but BB may provide a better response.
  12. Plugins have access only to the current layer. So all you have to do is manually number the layers and then manually place them in the desired order.
  13. You have not read the posts above. There is a post where you can download all versions of libraries. Click on Circular text/July 4, 2020 link.
  14. Because the background is transparent, simply use Rectangle Select tool to select the content then Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste into New Layer (Ctrl+Shift+V). You don't need to use Magic Wand in this case.
  15. Also you can try this unpublished plugin: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111330-unfinished-plugins/?do=findComment&comment=551323
  16. Thanks for the new version. In the Dark Theme the labels under Auto Dimensions are black, hard to see.
  17. Very nice job! Thanks. Shouldn't Pan control enabled / disabled have a gray border reflecting the size of the canvas? There are also some issues with scaling the Color Wheel control in the UI interface.
  18. The effect of this plugin is similar to that obtained by Rotate / Zoom except that the zoom is centered on the created selection. To see the center of the selection click on the Move Selection tool and notice where the small circle marked with + is. If there is no selection it zooms the entire canvas. The plugin is inspired by the discussion on this thread: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/117885-zoomin-plugin/ It is located in Effects -> Selection submenu. Zoom Selection.zip LE: @Djisves pointed out to me that there is already another plugin that I missed and that does the same thing much better and has more options:
  19. Also, you can try Kaleidoscope plugin from @MadJik .
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