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  1. Why? It's less intuitive and IMO much less useful this way. It's very common for selections to need to be fine-tuned. Now if I want to re-size them afterwards, I have to do something silly like copy and paste to new image, re-size, and then copy back. I'm having trouble thinking of an application where the current behavior is preferable. And the big "snap" when it distorts the underlying pixels is IMO very difficult to justify in terms of user experience.
  2. In 4.0.13... If you select an area (say a square), then use the Move Selection tool to resize the selection itself (into say a rectangle), and then use the Move Pixels tool on a corner with "shift" held down to try to resize the selected pixels without affecting their aspect ratio, the aspect ratio is horribly distorted. It seems to lock it to the (square) shape it was before you used Move Selection instead of the current shape (rectangle) - and it forces it into that shape by distorting the underlying pixels. The only workaround I could find is to get the selection right the first time...
  3. When I'm at 150% zoom level and select an area, the transparency checkerboard starts wiggling around the selection. Looks... Creepy. I'm using 4.0.13.
  4. Maybe put something about the required unblocking into the installation instructions.