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You mean the icons in the toolbar? Nope. Those are fixed. Why do you want them moved?

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6 hours ago, Ego Eram Reputo said:

Why do you want them moved?


I believe that the paths with the mouse to click are too wide on a large screen. I personally find the solution on the right is not optimal, but I can live with it. Better would be at the right end of the menu or dynamically next to the last thumbnail of the image list.


@rcoombs:In this case it would be better to remember the keyboard shortcuts.


Show / Hide Tools Window F5

Show / Hide History Window F6

Show / Hide Layers Window F7

Show / Hide Colors Window F8

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Mistook your initial request. I thought you were talking about the icons.


You mean the Utility Windows (Colors, Tools, History & Layers)? Drag them by the Title Bar to move them around. Note they dock on the edges of the main window.

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I believe I read somewhere that they could be moved.Maybe it was in a plug-in? It is not of overriding import, but it might be more convenient in some other position on the screen.

Ego E R,   I realise the utility windows can be moved, I was referring to the icons for the U windows, I guess they are fixed. Thanks again... rcoombs

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Aha! So I *was* correct. My original post stands then - they can't be moved. Sorry.

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