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New Plugin Pack Not From This Forum, Is This Secured And Without Any Viruses?

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I was recently searching for a decent pack of plugin (with the highest number of plugins that I could use) and I found this video that gave a lot of plugins, but the download link is from another website - not this forum, and i've heard about the problem with megalo thing with the virus that came with it - so I'm a bit doubtful.
Is the following link given in the video safe or not?


Link :


So I'll hope someone will respond fast! Sorry for my bad english and my grammar, I'm french :)


Have a nice day!

~ Kawoo

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Welcome to the forum, Kawoo


I see from  the video it contains one of my plugins (Psychocolour) - which is being distributed illegally.
I would advise that you do NOT download plugins from anywhere other than this forum.


Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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Never EVER download plugins from anywhere but this forum.

Brad is a thief. He is NOT to be trusted.

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Your comment had the desired effect BoltBait. The plugin pack has been removed http://zeddoghosting.com/brads-paint-net-plugin-favorites/

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