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  1. Hi! I had some free time so I made few enchamcements to the CodeLab. Because I didn't have lots I couldn't make changes to the code editor but I did have enough time to add few UI tricks, better visual styling, TaskDialog and few other things. I also included one banned 'System.Reflection Hack' to use PdnToolStripRenderer from PaintDotNet.exe in MenuStrip (See /* <UI Hack> */) If you don't like it just remove it. I call the result as CodeLab 1.9 Alpha 1 and I am very sure that someone will like it. I also made some tests an it looks like I didn't break anything. Here is source:
  2. Normally when I make something with open source I release it to public domain if I can. Originally I made this for private use but sharing is caring. If you don't like it remove it and don't use it. I don't lose anything.
  3. MODERATORS NOTE: this plugin has been superseded by a newer version: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/114190-optipng-filetype-2019-05-07/ Hi everybody! This isn't really a new plugin, just modified version from old OptiPNG file type plugin. Switching old OptiPNG plugin is recommended because it uses outdated version of OptiPNG which contains security vulnerabilities. Functionality is same and source based on I Like Pi's code, so most of the credit doesn't belong to me. Downloads: Download Plugin: OptiPNG plugin.ZIP Download Source: htt
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