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  1. @ welshy: Yes, maybe it was just a kind of a bold action... I've always been kinda annoyed by that rule... Don't you know that moment when you submit an entry and 5 minutes later a great idea for that image pops up in your mind?? I've had that half of the SOTW's I've entered... @ EER: I'm not trying to be a dictator of the sig making industry of PDN or something @ LLoyd: I used no other program than PDN. Render: http://www.animerender.com/uploads/1293446698/gallery_76589_1_73877.png BG: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4sy6btuj0tx2qhn/50+BG+Stocks.rar Effects: AR Community Pack 2 (can't show you that one, you've to be member of the AnimeRender forums for that) I only use stock images (Renders, stocks, C4D's, etc.) from animerender.com and various packs made by AR members, those are made by the AR community to use in GFX, so I violated no ©
  2. I would be ashamed of myself if I wouldn't submit anything to the first comp I'm hosting! Render, background stock and some FX stocks from AnimeRender.com. Render: http://www.animerend...589_1_73877.png BG: http://www.mediafire...0 BG Stocks.rar Effects: AR Community Pack 2 (Probably you don't have access for that one, you've to be member of the AnimeRender forums for that)
  3. They're all good, but I like the 2nd one best, it has the flow of the first one and the focal point lays on the planets, where it should be
  4. Haha, I don't have any friends on this forum *Forever Alone*
  5. Only English please, because I didn't understand a word of what you're saying.
  6. I have a PS3 and my PC I really love the Assassin's Creed franchise. On my PC I play mostly League of Legends and Minecraft (currently working on a RPG server) @KarasuFate I've played Rome:Total War and Rome II: Total War. Really loved both games, but you'll probably beat me with your two eyes closed
  7. And SOTW #94 is in the air! May it be a wonderful competition ^^
  8. The theme this week is – Sci Fi (Science Fiction) And has been chosen by – chimay12321 (New Host) This week you're challenged to design and create a sig that will take you to the realms of outer space and will let you fantasize about technology and the future of earth and mankind. The deadline for entries is 7:00pm (GMT +0) on Sunday 17 November. To see how that equates to other countries, here is a link to the World Time Competition rules. 1. Max sig dimensions 500x200. Please NOTE: The forum limits signatures to 500x150, if it is too large do not try to use it as your sig. 2. Please keep your sig family friendly. 3. Keep to the theme that has been set. 4. You may modify or replace your image until the deadline! 5. Don’t violate copyright laws with found images; links to source images would be courteous. 6. Your entry must be made using paint.net, please don't use an outside image editor and try passing it off as PDN work. The winner of the current SOTW gets to choose the subject for the next competition. Good luck all and thank you in advance for entering. Thanks to - chrisco97, Sozo, TheHowler, Nitenurse79 and DrewDale for keeping this comp going in the past This thread is for posting your entries only. If you want to talk about any of the entries, you can do so in the discussion thread found here.. Edit: wrong SOTW number :S Edit 2: changed the rule which stated you may not change your entry once submitted. From now on you may change your entry as much as you like before the deadline. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESULTS IN!
  9. I'm in Bladel The metropolis of the world, of course
  10. Indeed, lots and lots of 'thank you' for DD, you were an amazing host!!!
  11. Great tutorial! Clear and a nice outcome! Nice outcome, beta, really neat!
  12. I'll try to get the comp up and running Sunday evening 8 p.m (GMT+1 (New host, new time calculations :S)) 1 week submissions, 1 week voting and so on. I hope I can make a good job out of it! The first week I'll choose the theme myself, then it'll go on as you're used to.
  13. You're really getting better every image!
  14. I think the army one is way better in the respects of depth! Maybe the lighting could do some work, but I like it!
  15. Maybe I could refer you to this tutorial: http://dawnstormgraphics.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/zenronguide.jpg It's a full-scaled tut about sig making and many things are probably already known to you, but there'll be lots of things to learn from it. I like your sigs, but so far (just as mine!!!), they're a bit 'floating head/render syndrome'. You should try to do something more with depth in you sigs, IMO that's the hardest part of sig making.
  16. I won't mind to host the comp, but I don't exactly know what it means to be a Host and I won't be able to enter my own comp very much
  17. congratulations Helen and all other participants! Lovely entries around a genious theme! Loved this competition!
  18. Went back to my old habit of making sigs, a quite different style than I used before, I think.
  19. Nice sig, really nice smudgy background, but the twinkling stars could've been held back a bit, it's a bit annoying IMO.
  20. What barbieq says, you're the absolute master of PDN in render sigs. I've been using PDN for a while now and I still can't produce any render sig as good as yours
  21. I'll enter with a sig I made for a friend of mine:
  22. ALL your work is just amazing man, never seen something like this before! I'd love you doing a tut on your typography and a tut on blend modes and how to use them (I'm surprised there aren't any REALLY good tuts on that topic). And maybe you could do some speed arts, because people can see things in those which you can't explain in a tutorial of 10 pages. I'd especially love a very long guide on your typography, because that's the most amazing thing about your works.
  23. Gratzz everyone! Loved this comp Some really good entries among them!
  24. Haha I find there are lots of good entries this time too But, let me give you a tip on render sigs. It's a bit too... empty.. And the focus lies more at the background than on the render. In making render sigs you just have to make sure (9 out of 10 times) the focus lies on the render, because that's what it's all about in a render sig, isn't it? The render. You should try to let the render stand out a bit more, just push it up a little bit more to the front, making use of lighting etc. Furthermore try to place your render in a scene that fits with the render, like your render fits well in a space-like scene. You chose/made the right "C4D's", but those are just 'hanging' there, there's nothing happening with them in combination with the render.
  25. I'll send this one in: Render URL: http://www.renders-graphiques.fr/image/upload/normal/Le_disciple.png Rest is PDN. It's Vanitas, from kingdom hearts. Edit: added information about the render (vanitas from kingdom hearts)
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