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  1. Haha, I think it's fine as it is. People get the point, it's not supposed to make your whole sig in PS or in another image editting program, but you may use stocks that are pre-made with those programs and manipulate and compose them in PDN. Just as you may use 10 real photographs to create 1 sig in PDN.
  2. Well, that's just really cool! I love it! The ideas about cool 3D animations pop into my mind if I see that!
  3. I accept the hug too Tomorrow the voting round's starting, may the best sig win!
  4. Congratz Helen! Great entry! All other participants, good work! Loved all of your works! Daniels, no problem, if things go the Jamaican way some times
  5. Well, does the problem lie with me, or? The things I've changed/done aren't my own decisions or something, they're all input from the community (except the you may not change your entry after submission one, but that doesn't count). The discussion we've had in this topic led to some changes in rules, ALL those changes weren't my input. But I'm starting to feel rather unpleasant :S IMHO, there's never been any need for changes in the rules, except the one that you may not edit your entry after submission. As stated above, all of that was input from the community, so I don't know. Do I have to listen to the community or do I have to take on a very conservative attitude? I've much respect towards the past hosts, that's why I've taken the role of hosting the comp in the first place, to not let the comp die out of respect for the blood, sweat and tears that people put into it.
  6. Edit: Sorry, I know where the problem lies, you've misunderstood my rather abstract formulations. I was thinking about the rules as a checklist (I'm also a programmer, so I do things in strict order), in that checklist you must first check you may use stocks before the checklist can tell you you have to give links to those stocks. You won't have to ask the creator of your stocks permission to use them. You're free by right to use them/manipulate them, that's the principle of remixing.
  7. Meh, I have a habit to clinch to things... Like a parasite, you won't have me leaving for quite a while!
  8. They're both really good, the second one has better blending, the first one has better lighting IMO
  9. I added the 'you may use stocks [...]' rule as rule #5, because you first must be permitted to use stocks to be able to link them in your entry (sorry if this seems a bit autistic). I left out the 'but you’re obligated to [...]' part, because it practically says the same as current rule #6
  10. Okay, I'll leave 6 and 3 as they are. Thank you for your feedback I stated the links to the stocks I used in this topic, forgot to copy paste them into my entry
  11. I already was thinking about reformulating the rules a bit, because some of them seem rather ambiguous. I'll post my reformulated rules in this topic first before applying them, so we're 100% sure they're clear for all Are these formulations better than the old ones?? (especially rule #6, I'm not sure about that one) Are these formulations a bit too harsh? Any other remarks about those? Edit: Edited #3 and #6 to the old versions. Edit 2: removed 'would' in #5 and added 'you may use stocks...'
  12. Well, as long as you state you used stocks (so practically it's not 100% PDN, because rendering is awful to do with PDN (tried it :S)), I'm fine with that. But you MUST state it, you may not make your image with Photoshop and post it as an 100% PDN image.
  13. I love them Especially the pink one In terms of depth the pink one has been improved very much
  14. So basically only FireFox (and IceWeasel) support apng's That's a pity I agree the entries are great this comp Will be a hard decision while voting :S
  15. Lol, I really didn't know that! Thought only GIF's had such a cool feature :S I've never seen an animated PNG, that's probably why... But what browser does support animated PNG's? Chrome and IE don't, checked them both Mea Culpa.
  16. Well, that isn't too strange, because you choose your render in render sigs according to the colours you want to use, or inverse. So it completely makes sense what you're saying. I like the Korra and Lightning one, but the Poison one is a bit oversharpened at the edges (especially around the hair), which gives a really flat impression... Maybe you could work some more on integrating the render with the background, you did that pretty well with your old C4D style.
  17. Your completely right, EER, also according to the points I've stated before Btw, maybe you should make your entry an (animated) GIF if you want it to be an animation?? Would be a good idea, because mostly planets in PNG's don't fly around the sig
  18. @ Lloyd: Well, that's a pity, Lloyd, I really liked some of your submissions! @ welshy: It's the good old discussion about sigs that use many stocks not really being 'PDN'. Too bad the pan is overboiling at this one, at least enough for someone to leave the comp. @ Daniels: Nice song I agree on the message. You should tell what you used your stocks for, so the voters know how your sig has been made. But everyone should be able to enter the comp with their own style of sigs and everyone may vote for the style they like best. That's my final conclusion. *hammers the hammer*
  19. I agree with barbieq about the first one. I also agree with barbieq about the 2nd one, it's a problem of depth and integrating the render in the background. I love the KF one It's got a dark but warm mood
  20. I did read your post. I actually agree on everything you've stated. Thanks for the kind words at the end ^^ I'm stopping with the argument now. I hope you all can agree on my 'voting' solution, I think everyone is a winner with that one.
  21. Well. Maybe I have a fine solution for the argument we're in here. You may use stocks as you please, but you MUST say what you used your stocks for (links would be pleasant to see) If you don't think 'pasting a stack of renders from everywhere and entering a competition with them' is really professional, you just don't vote on that sig in the voting round, that's what's the voting round for, choosing wich sig is 'best' or 'most professional' according to the community and that's what makes this a competition.
  22. Well, there's no rule you may not use pre-made components. There's only a rule you may not use an outside image editor and I didn't do that. But of course rules can be changed if the community likes it that way. But you would ban out a whole branch of sig making that way, the branch of render sigs, especially the subcategory of C4D sigs or photo manipulation sigs. You may think it's different, but I think manipulating existing images in an editor (PDN) is just as much 'working with PDN' or a 'Paint.net sig' as making a sig from scratch only using PDN and your mouse. This is a subjective case and I'll listen to your feedback. If many people agree with you and they also want to set a limit to using pre-made images in the entries (maybe even prohibit the use of pre-made images), they should speak up and I'll change the rules according to your liking.
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