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  1. Gaara actually IS from Naruto He is a jinchuriki (he has a tailed beast just like Naruto) from the Hidden Sand and later on becomes the kage (mayor?) of the Hidden Sand
  2. I challenge you with this one: Gaara of the Desert
  3. I fully go with DD penguin- 0 rafroller- 2
  4. I just LOVE you work :O I once was working on a game which I would draw myself too, but it wasn't nearly a quarter as good as your work :O
  5. Nihahhat - nice glow, nice font, nice theme, nice flow Noswad - Nice background But the font is a but too... easy Nihahhat- 3 Noswad- 0 Nihahhat wins!!! I compete any brave challenger with this: A little ode to science, science is the Universe to me
  6. Doughty, the whole is great, but it could use some more touch, it could have some more sharpness around the edges of the text and a less one-toned background:S Minners, cool colorcorrection and I like the idea of a floating text Nice lighting too Doughty- 0 Minners- 1
  7. Welsch, Nice choice of colours, nice metallic text and nice background texture Could use some kind of border though IMO NN79, Really cool concept! I really like it But the candle could use something more, it's just a stub, but there isn't any molten tallow or something :o My point goes to Welsch Welsch- 1 NN79- 0
  8. Haha, thanks, I love those "gamer" style sigs as I am one of those gamers myself All of my sigs are ones I made for fellow gamers and members of the Gaming Community I'm in
  9. Another update, a more PhotoShop style sig this time! Hope you like it! Thanks to TopHATslash for his AWESOME tutorial!! (http://forums.getpai...gn-by-yipp-824/) I give him most of the credits.
  10. Really really hard choice! But I think I'll give the point to RedBeard for one of the best swords I've ever seen and the real medieval style it has! Redbeard- 1 penguin- 0 Peguin's astonishing too and I got a little fangasm when I heard 'maplestory's battle mage move', but your view on the sig is really really centered, it doesn't really have 'it' to give my vote.
  11. I don't think the trail idea would really work, because the 'triangle things' are abstract images of diamond/glass shards, that was the idea. And with the trail idea the screenshot reflecting shards wouldn't really come out :S
  12. This is a wallpaper for a Gaming Community I've been working on, it still isn't really finished yet, I'd like to add some big diamond shards that reflect an screenshot of the variousity of games we're playing at the community. Just to add some depth. I'm still looking for a good way to do these particular shards. If you have any tips for improvement, tips for making the reflecting shards or tips for other ways to bring more depth in the wallpaper, I'd be pleased to hear them!!
  13. Updated with my new wallpaper for my Gaming Community: I think I'm still going to improve and expand this one, to give it more depth and to perk up the borders a bit. Any feedback? I'd be very, very happy to hear it!
  14. Hey, here's my attempt on making a cool wallpaper for a Gaming Community I've been working on lately. In my opinion the outcome is prety cool, but I'd like to hear some real feedback from you guys!!! I'm thinking of further working on this one and adding some diamond shards in which reflections of screenshots of the games we're playing are to be seen, I'm thinking of a nice way to do that, to add some depth with that too.
  15. NN- 1 Zeri- 0 NN's is clear and smooth. The photograph is a real eye catcher. Zeri's is very nice and I think there's been some work in it, but I really don't like the text and the dagger doesn't seem real metal-like to me :S
  16. WOOTTT!!! First sig battle won ;D This is giving me a real self-esteem boost xD
  17. Newbie battle ;D I enter this one: A lot of tuts mixed together actually :S
  18. Penguin Dolphin- 1: Some magical cat you've got there, nice colours and nice perspective, could use some more detail, though. Ella- 1: Nice buttons, I was going to give the point to you, but when I overlooked it another time the cat seemed more my thing.
  19. NN- 1 Xzerizon- 2 NN's has a nice font, but the colours used don't attract me that much. Xzerizon's is really great, nice sword, looks a bit like it's made out of glass, just really cool. The text could have had a little touch up though.
  20. My outcome: I'm going to use this one as a logo for a gaming community! Thanks a lot for this wonderful effect and tutorial!
  21. Try to play around with the 'curves' adjustment ^^ (Especially with the luminosity) Adjustments-->Curves
  22. Hmmm... Hard to decide which one I'll give the point :S But I'll give it to grafyx, for its simplicity NN79- 0 rafroller- 1
  23. That's really great I'll give him full credit for that ;D But the blade is just cool too
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