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  1. I think you do shiny really well... I know that sounds goofy. Purple Globe is my favorite - I like the glassy look of it. Your marbles (both pics) look like some of the old ones I have. Puzzle Box is just lovely. Very nice collection - let's see more.
  2. Whew... got kinda dizzy with your swirls. The last one, just above the nicely done jewel, seems to have an inner light/glow. Tomb Raider fan? I Like. I've been thinking of using the female heroes in some way, but nothing has come of it yet. Your Power-aid looks evil. The top of the drink looks too opaque, but glass is great. Hope to see more.
  3. sometimes bright

  4. Hello I redid the tut but used plain black and white image background and it made my image way more interesting. And of course I tried it on a few other blah pictures and I think they all looked better for it. Thanks for the tut. Edit: Re-posted image.
  5. Hi barbieq25 I think I did well enough to post. The first time I tried doing this the wires looked all burnt and the highlight was too heavy and all my layers were out alignment. I had trouble with the swoosh too. I'll just copy what you wrote for nitenurse79 above. This is my first posted image for a tut. Yeah...it worked
  6. Nightnurse - Thanks for the link. I saw this tut months ago and didn't think to bookmark, but you jogged my memory with your filmstrip. Whoa, you added two pictures already. Like the idea of the Painted image. Thanks again...
  7. Great start I like your shiny gold torus - doesn't look like concrete at all. And love the 'image in panels'. The fimstrip is nice too, I'll have to find the tut. Hope to see more.
  8. Burngirl, welcome to the forum Your try is nicer than mine that I never posted. I will have to try this again as I have not mastered shiny metal or highlighting. Have fun, Doughty
  9. Hi Hit relief and wow - very realistic. And all done on one layer! Edit: Posted image.
  10. doughty


    edit: I didn't know, sorry Doughty
  11. Hello and welcome '4 dimensional suitcase' I want one. I like your character, he seems very impressive. Doughty
  12. Congrats to nitenurse79 (the first person to welcome me here) for making the forum a more interesting place. And congrats to all the winners for doing what you do. doughty
  13. Barbieq25 I meant in real life. I thought the reason for your dark dream was that you couldn't find those particular parts. I shouldn't try to read any meaning into anybody's art. Yes, I liked your font. Doughty
  14. Barbieq25 Are the bike parts hard to find? I found the image too hard to see. Suggestion: abstract the subject of your dream in some way. I liked the font with the large and small caps; it lends a bit of chaos to your image. Doughty
  15. I've been using Simon Brown's Dragfrom plugin to drag pictures to my desktop or folder for later. It's been very usefull.
  16. Xhin, they are little jewels. love the variety; a few landscapes, polished agate, a skeleton head. LOL
  17. Thank you all for your kind words. I just need to settle in somewhere.
  18. Thank you nitenurse79. I am so new. I kinda feel overwhelmed.
  19. @ Jaxon, Thanks...love your sig, it's so clean looking. My work is a little messy, but I'm trying to be a lot neater when following the tutorials. Whew...I had a heck of a time figuring how to post my avatar.
  20. Hello all My name is Jean. I've been using P.N for a few years now mostly to abstract an occasional photo for my desktop. I recently crashed my P.N by putting too many brushes in the brushes folder, which led me to think that I needed to stop goofing off and get more creative. I've had some luck following the tutorials and have learned something new with every one I've tried. Well, I'm off to make an avatar and sig.
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