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  1. What's your internet speed like ? do you download other things quickly (music / images) ok ?
  2. OK, just asking because I have it installed (PDN 4.2.14) and it works fine.
  3. @Ladybug How did you get those rings around your recent planet entry? Excellent work 👍
  4. This looked like a good comp, sadly I missed it, but congrats to @Ego Eram Reputo @Ladybug and @Djisves well done also to everyone who entered.
  5. Hello to you all. nitenurse here. Firstly I am moved and overwhelmed with the well wishes from people on here, I never knew so many would wish me well. I finally left the hospital on Wednesday (11 nov) and like @sashwilko I also have limited lung capacity (slightly % lower due to being an ex smoker) Days have to be taken one day at a time for now, I am not deemed fit for work for at least the next 4 - 5 weeks, not that I'm in any rush to return anytime soon given what assault I received that got me in the situation I ended up in. I can really only thank the doctors /
  6. Hello all again. First, I am sorry for posting again here. To update - My mother this morning was taken from an induced coma and is now conscious again. Visits are for reasons are not permitted, but she has had a drink and a small snack this evening, her temperature is reducing slowly to normality. Doctors are confident of her getting past the worst. It will perhaps be 6 - 8 days before she will be on a regular hospital ward for Covid-19 patients depending on progress. Time will tell. Thank you all for her well wishes and concern. Again, I am sorry for post
  7. Hello to you, I hope this evening finds you well? My mother Leanne Lingstad is currently in a hospital in Telleborg and under an intensive care unit after the early hours of this morning decline with Covid-19. I'm sure you would understand that doctors and nurses in the hospital will do all they can with all Covid-19 patients, but as you understand, no vaccine is available / ready to use at this time. I can only hope for my mother to fight and return to me. She was tested positive after a passenger spit into her face while she was working. Thank you for your time
  8. I hope all is well with everyone on here. Sadly I have been tested positive for covid19, I do have underlying health issues, so I can only hope I can get through it. Keep safe all, it can affect anyone at any age.
  9. Happy Birthday Mister Pyro. Enjoy the day. 🍟🍌
  10. <snip> forget posting anymore tute results. I make an effort to post my example OP can't see fit to reply!
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