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  1. Gentlemen, I am so thankful that I got your responses. Thought I would never get a rely. The *BIG* problem is: I am using old software that does not recognize PNG, JPEG, GIF, ect. Only bmp for textures. When I tried any other format, the result looked like picture 2. Also tried using DXTbmp DXT3 and saving as bmp. Again picture 2. *Only* bmp format gives me picture 1. I just don't know all the tricks to correct this. TrevorOutlaw, can you point me to how this can be done? Sounds exactly what I am looking for. Let me warn you guys - I am 71. Ya'll are way ahead of me. Ya'll i
  2. Using Paint.Net for several years. Have version 4.0.19 (Final 4.19.6484.39094). I enjoy doing scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. A strange texture problem has popped up since last update. Example: Picture 1 Before - The rear engine. Saved as a bmp or DXT 3.bmp. Inside the engine compartment I used paint 0-0-0 hoping to have just the engine seen. Transparency does not work using bmp. When I finished and saved, I get picture 2 results. Another program I use is too old and does not use any other format *but* bmp. This other program is *as is* and no updates will ever be created
  3. Using windows 10 by the way. Toe_Head 2001, I also tried your suggestion. I hold down the ctrl key and left click the mouse.
  4. Thank you so much. Kept looking for *option* tab. Can anything be done to change the tiny "+" to a mouse pointer somehow. Age 70 kinda hard to find plus sometimes.
  5. Is there a way to do this? I want the hardness to be 100%, if possible. Same goes for cursor in paint.net. Never can find tiny "+". Thank you.
  6. Thank you for the reply. Where can I download the feather.dll and something called Alpha Blur.dll is what I meant to ask? Or has the Alpha Blur been renamed to something else? Thanks again.
  7. Downloaded both BoltBaitPack 41 and 43 today. Looking for feather.dll and something called Alpha Blur.dll I did find oldfeather but not new feather. Could someone guide me to these plug-in's are found? Or maybe they are called something else? I don't know. Many thanks.
  8. Isn't there some way in a config or ini file in Paint.net to permanently select JPEG instead of always having to use that drop down selection? That gets old. Thanks
  9. New at photo scenery. In picture near bottom of runway is a light blue shade of color. Is there some plugin available in Paint.Net that would fix this? Going to try and send image. Thank you for any sugestions.
  10. Sorry about the mistake. Been quite a while since using the forum. I "think" I found what I was looking for - "transparence.dll". Trying to see if that was the right plugin. Thanks again
  11. Here is what I am trying to do. I want to use the magic wand and make the outside of the tire transparent. I used to have a dll plugin that did that. It was under Adjustments or Effects - I think. I forgot the name for the plugin. Using version 3.5.10 and XP. Appreciate any help
  12. I upload pictures to different forums. A small jpeg picture equals 44.1 KB while the png of same size equals 196 KB. The size is 514 x 600. And there is no difference in viewing once the picture is sent to the forum. Thanks for the help
  13. Is it possible to change default settings? I prefer to save my work to the desktop and I prefer jpeg to png. Can this be done in Paint.net? Where would I make these changes? If a update is downloaded, would this be saved automatically? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thank you all. The reason this question came up is I use a CAD program. I wanted to use Paint.Net to create a house window texture that was 3 foot by 5 foot. I found this was not the way to go. Many thanks again.
  15. Is there a new plugin or anything available to allow selecting a ruler measurement in feet with Paint.Net? Or anything in the works yet? All I see is pixels, inches, or cenimenters. Maybe a free third party overlay or something. Appreciate In Advance Thanks
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