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  1. If I download this plug-in from Post #1, am I getting the latest version or do I need to weed through the 12 pages of this post to find that (I can't imagine that would be the case, but who knows)?
  2. Thanks! That tool works a lot better than the forum's Search tool!
  3. Is there a mirror somewhere for this site? Direct download at http://users.telenet.be/krisvandermotten. Work's IT department simply will not "unblock" Internet sites that are not .com or .net because of their higher virus content and low "for business" usage. This is the forth time over the years that I've had to get this plugin (I guess it gets overwritten with Paint.NET updates or it isn't compatible with newer versions), and the only way I am ever able to get the file is to download it from home on my slow dial-up and bring it to work.
  4. Thanks! I saw his plugin in the list, but the name didn't ring any bells.
  5. Hi PyroChild, I had some plugins that I downloaded a few years back, and one was a drop shadow tool. I was having issues with some of my plugins not being compatible with v3.5.4, and I was pointed out that yours were *very* old. I got the new ones downloaded and installed. I do not see a Drop Shadow option. Was it removed, renamed, or could I be thinking of someone else's plugin? (Keeping track of plugins for someone who only opens the program a couple of times a year is difficult!) Thanks, Joe
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