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  1. Actually I am not able to do it - I am too stupied in this case. My theet look like very bad :-(
  2. Thanks a lot for the response. My problem is that I can do basic things with PDN but I don't know how to do this figure so that it looks good (probably this is also basic for you) My problem is always with the edges. I would be very thankful if someone could help me with this. I would need one tooth to draw the zip and honestly I also don't know how to place the teeth onto a bended line. Thanks a lot for further help!!! Generic1
  3. Hello, i have a question concerning a zip. I have found a white zip which I have attached. I could adapt it for my use. Now I have tried to draw a zip with color #3E373E the whole night without success :-( This is what I have done (the gray one) but with no success: This is what I use currently and I find it quite OK but I would need also a zip or one tooth which I can duplicate in color #3E373E Can anybody help my showing how to do it - I have tried to draw it with the pen but this doesn't work for me. Thanks a lot for any help - a happy new year and all the best, Gen
  4. Thanks a lot technoRobbo!!! That's exactly what I needed. All the best, Generic1
  5. Hello, I have draws a logo for my homepage the last few days - It was quite hard but now I'am almost satisfied. Here it is: I find it quite OK but I'am not satisfied with the edges. Is there any possibility to make the crossover from the logo to the background like a light does? I would be glad for any suggestion. Thanks a lot and happy christmas. Generic1
  6. Sorry, i didn't click "Attach This File". If the background is dark than the half- circle looks really bad. Thanks for help in advance. All the beste, Generic1
  7. Hi, attached there is a png i have drawn last few days. My problem is with the cicle - it is not very nice "cutted". What can I do for anti- alising. I have installed a plugin which should do anti alising (I dont know the name and currently I am not on my development computer) Has anybody any idea how I could do the cicle cut professionally? Thanks a lot and all the best, Generic1
  8. Hi, i have drawn a logo the last few days. What do you think about it. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks a lot in advance. Generic1
  9. Hello, I am on the way to launch my first webside with the name "smartinnotec". I have tried to draw a logo the last view days but I am not satisfied with it. Does anyone have any idea how this logo could look like. I think it sould have three different colors (because of the 3 different terms: smart, innovation and technilogie). If you have any suggestion or any idea please let me know. Thanks a lot and all the best, Generic1
  10. Thanks a lot for the responses. I would have one more question: Is there a plugin to do such letters like this: http://www.duoh.com/css/graphics/bg-body2.jpg Thanks a lot!! Generic1
  11. Hi, I like this image very much here: http://www.duoh.com/about and my question would be that is it possible also with PDN do do it or do I need special plugins to draw it. If someone has an idea how I can do it, please let me know - I would be very glad. Thanks a lot, All the best, Generic1
  12. Hello, I'am not an advanced Paint.net user - I use it somethimes for really easy things to draw. Therefore I have a question concerning the Link at the bottom: http://www.duoh.com/css/graphics/bg-footer.png Is it possible to draw this easily with Paint.NET and which plugins you would suggest to install to do this. Thanks a lot for your help . All the best. Generic1
  13. Hi, I have for example this image: An now I will give the text an edge (each letter). Is there a possibility to do this with Paint.net easily. Thanks a lot, Generic <snipped by EER>
  14. Hi, how can I make such images for buttons with round sides like here: http://www.faceyourmanga.com/mobile.php#buy - the read one and the green one. In Paint "only" a rectangle with round "edges" exist. At the moment I have this button images at http://www.atleticus.net but I don't like it Thanks a lot for help!! Generic1
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