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  1. I need to know how I can crop a face out of/from an image. I only need the face by itself. I have attached the image I am attempting to work with.
  2. It says forum not found when I try to download the stable version.
  3. Fixed again, should be the proper link this time. I really apologize for the same mistake, twice.
  4. How's it spam? I'm simply asking how I can do something in PDN Oops, I just now noticed that I posted the incorrect url for the video, edited and fixed.
  5. Is there any way to use "Scuffing" in Paint.NET like how it's shown in this video? http://youtu.be/2ZEAMDTjOgU
  6. Please add support to open and save .thm files with Paint.NET Currently the only application that I know of that can open .thm files is Libre/Open Office Draw .thm files are video thumbnails for PSP videos/movies. Normally one just has to rename the file extension to .thm Thanks for reading this post, hopefully the feature will added to Paint.NET
  7. Never mind, it turns out I had the layers window toggled off, so I toggled it back on.
  8. After upgrading to Paint.NET 3.5.10 the other day. I found that I can no longer create new layers with the hotkey or via the menu.
  9. Download is 404, no longer works/available.
  10. Thanks for the fast reply and quick solution!
  11. I have no idea why, but I can't type or use text in Paint.NET 3.5.8 I have tried changing the text colors and sizes, but no matter how much I try to use text in my pictures, it just won't work. I want to finish my comic and some logos an other work, but I can't work without using typing text images. Here's a screenshot I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32-Bit, please help.
  12. Very useful and informative tutorial. Thanks for tutorial.
  13. How do I resize an image to fit a banner without having the image being squashed? Let's say my banner size is 800 x 100 or 728 x 90 How would I resize my image to fit the banner without ruining the quality of the image and having it looked all squashed? Have a look at my attachment for a sample of the banners I am working on Photo editing tools I use are GIMP/Paint.NET Any help is greatly appreciated