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  1. Thanks @BoltBait Didn't realise that, no big thing. Just nice to know. Cheers.😀 I'll use image host from now on.🙃 Just made a lot of space on the board. I just thought it only applied to a persons gallery.
  2. Yes @Pixey the latest comp. Gossamer thingy.🙃
  3. Latest comp would let me post direct. Says file is to large. Had to use image host. A reason would be helpful.🙃
  4. Good news in the UK. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-56153617
  5. Manc

    Mancs page.

    This another image I made from a tutorial by the brilliant @welshblue. I can still remember how I made it, so expect an updated version soon. As you can see, still can't think of anything. Very very frustrating.🙃 Cheers.😉
  6. Finally finished it. Must admit, when I made the cage, did my own thing. First time I've made a jewel. Thankyou @lynxster4for the shape. Cheers.🙃
  7. Your best bet is checking fonts by eye. This might help. https://www.dafont.com/ I don't think it is possible to check fonts automatically.😉
  8. I think this the most complicated tutorial I have tried for a while. I am determined to finish it. Expect a result sometime tomorrow. Thanks @Limon Keeps my mind occupied in the 'Lockdown'.🙃
  9. Thanks @ardneh. Yeah, already figured it out. Seem a bit daft now.🙃 Cheers.
  10. Hi @Limon I've tried this twice and get confused. When you say 'Cut', do you mean 'Delete'?
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