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  1. This is near enough a copy of my TV and stand. Not the background.🙃
  2. This is another work in progress.🙃
  3. Thanks @lynxster4 and @Pixey. I've edited it again, but this is definitely the last clock. I think I've got a new idea, hopefully.🙃 Cheers.😉
  4. Thank you @Ladybug for your nice comment. Don't think I'll do a compass. Been thinking of doing a guitar, bleedin hard I think.🙃 Thanks @Scooter. I think you're a scream mate. Cheers @Johnbrett70.Thanks for your rep. Just so you know, as a newbie. Type @ followed by persons name to get the highlighted name. I only discovered it last year.😉
  5. Why has my post not got a like button?
  6. Still a WIP, but getting bored with it. Need a new idea, soon.🙃. Why has my post not got a like button?
  7. Happy Birthday @Pixey. Have a great day.😉
  8. Hi @Pixey Didn't even know you did Comps. I think I might enter. Take my mind of the bleedin clock.🙃 Cheers.😉
  9. Thanks @Scooter. No problem mate, great to get feedback. Don't worry, lost count of how many times I've regretted hitting the 'Send Button'.🙃 I hope the image turns out OK. Cheers.😉
  10. Thank you @lynxster4 for your nice comments. Thank you @Scooter for your critique. Really appreciate the time it must of took you. I don't think it's all 'Bla Bla. Mostly right about the shadow.🙃 In my defence, the clock case took about me about twenty minutes. Actually, the main highlight is supposed to look like glass. Obviously not right, that's why it's a work in progress. Maybe I could get some pointers from the Queen of glass, @Pixey. It is going to finish as a antique style mantle clock. Thank you all. Cheers.😉
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