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  1. Try this tutorial.http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19273-make-a-ribbon/.
  2. On the the toolbar under 'file'open your picture.Under 'image' resize to the size you want.Then select and copy,open your canvas and 'paste in new layer.
  3. Why do you want to change skin colour? Changing heads and bodies to make spoof pics is pretty easy.
  4. I know it sounds obvious,but have you tried,Effects+Photo+Sharpen?
  5. Select magicwand and click on the the white area,press delete on your keyboard. Checker-board pattern will appear,that means it's transparent.Save as png.
  6. http://forums.getpai...to-preset-size/ If that doesn't help use.http://www.getpaint.net/search.html.
  7. Think you might have to be more descriptive in your thread title.
  8. Duplicate text layer,then flip vertical,move text into position using (move selected pixels)tool.Then set transparency to (transparency mode).Left click mouse and drag down over bottom text,duplicated image.Merge layers when done.
  9. Not bad mate,you just gotta play with text a bit. Treat every part as separate image then save.Paste it all together at the end. Just remembered this tute,use the glass part and play with blend modes.Duplicate the image and use "Trail".mhttp://forums.getpai...t-with-filling/.
  10. Ok,I don't do tutorials but will try to do this one.Start withhttp://forums.getpai...ard-wood-floor/ Then,http://www.pdnfanati...s-orb-t603.html. Then.http://pdnfans.probo...splay&thread=29. You will have to mess with last bit,I can't tell you it all,f I could probably replicate this image in a couple hours using these tute.s It's not easy though.
  11. I think this is definitely do-able in PDN.I will get back to with the relevant tutorials.