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  1. Emmm Emboss might be what you are looking for, i 'think' there is an engrave aswell. not sure if its a tut or a plugin? Linky
  2. Insanely famous, is there a tut for your sig? Looks amazing! (oh great now i have to read how amazingly unknown i am)
  3. Googleing a heart clip art may be a quicker way of getting a heart?
  4. 'Pretty big, just realised' My entry Im pretty new to all this competition stuff, only having entered 1 before (the wallpaper one). Hopefully this counts as a text focused siggy, it does to me anyway If required, font is Batman Forever
  5. Just sent my one to, tensions rising!
  6. Crazy famous /\ iv nt been here long, and havent made a great deal of posts, but im slowly becoming active. I tend to go on a bit though like HERE
  7. Instead of complaining what it doesnt have, suggest what you want to have. You seem like a grumpy person from what iv read, and if youve found some bad points about, help us help you, ask about other ways to get what you are trying to do, and suggest easier options. If your so desperate to have an option no-one seems neccesary, see if a plugin dev would be willing to help you, or code one yourself. Im sure that many of your problems can be solved quite easily. Just needs a little thought. And dont have a go at the dev or admins like that. They try to make PDN better and its forums better, and they are doing a good job. They dont want to be rewarded with this. theyd much rather moderate your ideas and suggestions, taking note of whats good and giving constuctive critisism instead of sorting out rants like this.
  8. I wouldn't use this as much myself, but it would be a useful feature.
  9. if you get your ideal selection and copy paste into new image, then all you have to do is select all from that pic
  10. Im not sure what you mean by mask? I know its some Photoshop thing?
  11. You can do Brightness and Contrast, and i belive Curves does what you ask for, but im sure that PDN will have your required feature in the adjustments tab, once you get some plugins, the list gets quite extensive. Editing the Hue and Saturation with colour balence is what you are asking for i think
  12. Im not a very large fan of tuts, this being the first one i properly followed, and i think its very cool! All i didnt do was the eclipse thingy, instead i rendered dents a few times on a duplicated cloud layer.
  13. Emm i dnt fully get what you mean, image examples of your pics would help, but i think using magic wand , eclispe selection and various feathers will get the job done
  14. Well , lol there is a way. Edit evry frame It is possible, just not convenient. even a 10 second clip would normally require 300 edited images.
  15. Change the opacity in layer options, which is in the bottom right of the layer window
  16. Try a drop shadow for quick shading, ill do an example <div></div>
  17. Im not sure but fiddling with brightness and contrast might do it?
  18. It looks fine, check the cable into your moniter. or it may be dirt on your screen? Maybe changing the resolution of your screen might fix it?
  19. Well i for one would find this a VERY usefull feature, who knows? It could be in v4.
  20. I have already tried this, heres my final one. Lots more has been edited though. PS:Im new here, MY FIRST POST!