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  1. Emm i dnt fully get what you mean, image examples of your pics would help, but i think using magic wand , eclispe selection and various feathers will get the job done
  2. Well , lol there is a way. Edit evry frame It is possible, just not convenient. even a 10 second clip would normally require 300 edited images.
  3. Change the opacity in layer options, which is in the bottom right of the layer window
  4. Try a drop shadow for quick shading, ill do an example <div></div>
  5. Im not sure but fiddling with brightness and contrast might do it?
  6. It looks fine, check the cable into your moniter. or it may be dirt on your screen? Maybe changing the resolution of your screen might fix it?
  7. Well i for one would find this a VERY usefull feature, who knows? It could be in v4.
  8. I have already tried this, heres my final one. Lots more has been edited though. PS:Im new here, MY FIRST POST!
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