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  1. Many thanks for your interest-will be jumping in the water ~
  2. Thank you, HyRez. The data is massive and I'm not a power user ! DATA OVERLOAD !!!!
  3. HELLO, I make a picture with notes and put it on my Windows 10 desktop. Is there a plug-in (there are so many) that can make blinking or flashing text ? I want to add it to my picture. Thanks
  4. I'm missing something-where is "other styles>thumbnail"? and do you see my sig image as 500 X 150 ? Mapperx
  5. Noob and proud of it-finally got a image thumnail downloaded from Flickr to my gallery but don't see a first page and don't want different topics every download. Member feedback desired. mapperx
  6. Well, finally got something downloaded.
  7. Thank-right now I'm trying to download my first test image from Flickr. Copy and paste don't seem to work. Mapperx
  8. Yes, thank you EER. I see that there are lots of rules and regs and now will go through the instructions. Thanks for your help. mapperx
  9. I already have an account with Flickr. Is it compatable with the requirements of PDN? Want to use and rely on PDN member experience. Thank You mapperx
  10. I was attracted to Paint because it was free and just wanted to prove that if it's free, it's no good. The transforms and warps are great and downloading plugins was seemless. It's great and will be glad to donate.