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  1. Thanks a bunch for helping me fix my super generic signature! But still, why can't i upload a Profile Photo? I'm sick of having a silhouette.
  2. I have been having a lot of trouble with this site lately. I just ignored it for a while, but now i'm realy ticked off about it. Whenever i try to upload a profile image, it says "The file you uploaded is too large" Even though the image i uploaded is under 150x150 pixels and is only 5KB. How do i fix this? Also, how do i upload a signature? It looks like all i can do is have text as a signature. I'm realy lost. Any help will be appreciated.
  3. As i said. It was a rushed preview image. It was just an example of what you could use the screws in.
  4. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Here is what we are going to make Yes, i know. Cheap preview, but it was kind of rushed. Let's get started! Start off with a grey circle. Now add a radial gradient to it like this. Add An Oil Paint filter with The Brush Size Seto to 1, And the Caorseness 50. This is added to make it look more like metal. Now set the blending to color dodge. Now to add a little more detail. Make another radial gradient like this. Set the blending mode to Reflect, and opacity to 45 Now add a line to it Duplicate the layer and invert colors.Move it one pixel up, then set blending mode to Negation Done!