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  1. Eli I thank you for your reply. I achieved what I required, in the interim. I shall look at the plug-in you suggested out of interest, nevertheless.
  2. Further to my earlier topic today, I have created the numerals I need. I am concerned, however, that they come with a white background when I introduce them to markers. Is it possible to have no background to the images, i.e. they appear as numerals, alone? I found the answer at https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-make-the-background-transparent-in-paint-net. I apologise for creating an unnecessary topic.
  3. I wish to have .png images of numerals one to ten available on a website that can be copied into geographic markers. I have filled 42 pixel square images for other, graphic, items. I wonder how to centre the numerals using the text tool? It would help, too, if the one and zero in numeral ten could be brought closer together, slightly, to better fit into a square.
  4. Djisves I thank you for your reply and patient explanation. I understand properly now the meaning in the paragraph. I apologise for my assumption you had not opened and read the link.
  5. Swankyfrank Yes! I was overwhelmed initially by the sheer wall of numbers upon opening the file. But the size was in the very first line as <svg id="svg" version="1.1" width="500" height="500", which I changed, saved and confirmed in Paint.net subsequently. I am totally new to .svg images. Is this what would be called an .xml file? I thank you for your help - something further learnt.
  6. Djisves I copied the .url for the post in question and what displays in my original post is the result. Clicking the title opens the complete post, I accept, in any case, that it is necessary to scroll down the post to what I read at "Known issues": Paint.NET 3.5.11: If you try to 'Save' (not 'Save As') a loaded svg then Paint.NET will not fallback to 'Save As' automatically. The 'Save' dialog opens and shows an error. This is fixed in Paint.NET 4.0. It is not about the sentence you read.
  7. I have had cause to convert some .png files to .svg format. Having done that, I used the SVG Plug-in to view the images in Paint.net. I wish to increase the size of the images, but neither 'Save' nor 'Save As ...' permits me to do it in .svg file format. The link here, however, suggests it should be possible: I am using Paint.net version 4.0.16.
  8. Rick I thank you for taking the time and trouble to explain so fully what I did not know. I trust it will be enlightening to other forum users, too. What a rich source of information are forums in general; I am indebted to them.
  9. midora I thank you for your reply; it is some comfort to know I am not alone. I thought I might carry out the Microsoft .NET Framework update separately. In the event, I found I was taken to the same Microsoft .NET 2015 window that the Paint.NET route, itself, took. The installation completed successfully once more and I was asked to restart my PC. I checked C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64 and C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework but the latest folder was v4.0.30319. Nothing showed in Windows Update either. What to do? It was rather silly to try again but, not knowing what else to do, I did. I was presented with a window this time that contained, "Your installation will not occur. .NET Framework 4.6.1 or a later update is already installed on this computer." I ran the Paint.NET update and it completed successfully.
  10. I was prompted to update to Paint.NET 4.08 today, which required a more recent version of .NET Framework. Proceeding, and after progress bars for the download and installation of .NET Framework v4.6 had completed, I received the message "Installation is complete". I seem to be in some sort of loop, however, because I am asked to install it again: a window 'Set up FrontEnd.exe' followed automatically stating, "This application requires one of the following versions of the .NET Framework - .NET Framework v4.6 - Do you want to install this .NET Framework version now?" Clicking "Yes" takes me to a web page http://dotnetsocial.cloudapp.net/GetDotnet?tfm=.NETFramework,Version=v4.6&processName=SetupFrontEnd.exe&platform=0009&osver=6&isServer=0&shimver=4.0.30319.34209 thatoffers a .exe file, NDP46-KB-3045560-web.exe, to download. I am bemused and concerned.
  11. midora I thank you for your prompt and constructive reply. I have read the posts in your link with interest. I shall try the plugin and report the results.
  12. I posted the following on http://www.eightforums.com/general-support/70591-windows-photo-printing-wizard-differences.html, believing my issue to be caused by Windows. I received one unsatisfactory response. I wonder if a user here can be of more help: I have a desktop and laptop, both running Windows 8, the laptop running Pro. There are differences in the choices for printing sizes and appearance of the image when using each Photo Printing Wizard that I do not remember being a problem previously: 1. Paper size: clicking 'More...' gives me a total of seven different sizes on the desktop, whereas there are more than 50 options on the laptop 2. Image appearance: the image for printing does not fill the rectangle on the desktop, even when I have chosen 10x15cm and the proportions are correct, as can be seen in the attachment. This could be because I do not have the choice of Borderless 10x15cm, perhaps. I use Paint.NET typically, but the situation is the same in Photo Viewer.
  13. Spectre I thank you for your constructive reply. I followed your instructions and, yes, that does work. Certainly, for anyone simply wishing to print an image to a particular size on a A4 sheet, that is a very worthwhile and straightforward solution. My thanks, again.
  14. David I thank you for you prompt reply. I had quite forgotten about plugins since I purchased a new PC last year. I had used them quite a lot on my previous machine. The Printer+ Plugin and Simon Brown, certainly, rings a bell; however I still have not achieved what I want. The only facility I see to resize the image is in Page Setup using 'Margins'. Increasing them so that the image and position is as required does not work: the margins revert to quite something else. So, what must I do to achieve this 8 x 5.98 inches image on my A4 sheet?
  15. I do not understand 'Resize'. I can take a 5 megapixel image of 2592 x 1936 pixels, or 36 x 26.89 inches, and resize it to 8 x 5.98 inches for printing on an A4 sheet. Whether I save the resized image or not, I cannot obtain a printed result that is 8 x 5.98 inches on an A4 sheet. The File>Print...>Print Pictures window simply presents me with options such as 'Full page photo', '13 x 18 cm. (2)', '20 x 25 cm. (1)', etc. Certainly, the Paint.NET ruler informs me the image is resized, but Is 'Resize' a proper title for this facility if it will not print at this size? Am I missing something? What procedure is there to carry out the operation I am attempting?
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