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  1. Eli I thank you for your reply. I achieved what I required, in the interim. I shall look at the plug-in you suggested out of interest, nevertheless.
  2. Further to my earlier topic today, I have created the numerals I need. I am concerned, however, that they come with a white background when I introduce them to markers. Is it possible to have no background to the images, i.e. they appear as numerals, alone? I found the answer at https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-make-the-background-transparent-in-paint-net. I apologise for creating an unnecessary topic.
  3. I wish to have .png images of numerals one to ten available on a website that can be copied into geographic markers. I have filled 42 pixel square images for other, graphic, items. I wonder how to centre the numerals using the text tool? It would help, too, if the one and zero in numeral ten could be brought closer together, slightly, to better fit into a square.
  4. Rick, I was simply trying to understand the process. I guess I used to use Resize, thinking that was what I had to do to print on to 15 x 10 cms photo paper, before I discovered that using File>Print did it automatically. If, by using Resize, the Resolution remains the same and I cannot alter that without the size being altered, I guess that means a coarser result on a small sheet of photo paper. But why does using the File>Print facility not result in the same coarser image?
  5. Paint.NET informs me that my photographic images are 2592 x 1944 pixels with a 72 pixels/inch (28.35 pixels/cm) resolution measuring 36 x 27 inches (91.44 x 68.58 cm). Why is it that printed copies at 15 x 10 centimetres using the File>Print facility directly in Paint.NET are far superior to those using Image>Resize before printing (without saving the resized image)? Is there any means by which I can intervene to resize the image myself without losing the original quality?
  6. EER, I thank you for your prompt reply. I have Align Object already, but had clearly forgotten it since I used it last.
  7. I wish to centre in both height and width of A4 pages a number of 600 point-size letters to make up a name, one letter per A4 sheet. I need to use Paint.NET in order to make use of Pyrochild's Outline Object. Using the Text tool, how can I centre the capital letter 'I' and the capital letter 'W' in the overall 210 millimetres width, for example? And how can I centre both in the 297 millimetres height?
  8. Ahmed, You understood my question perfectly, and I thank you for your explanation. Bob
  9. I create 16x16 pixel icons for use in my mapping software. I notice, when picking colours from the colour palette and dropping them into my grid using the brush tool, the initial colour is not its full intensity and that it is increased each time I click the mouse. This resulted in different hexadecimal values for each pixel square, which is unacceptable for my purposes. However, I discovered while writing this post, using the pencil tool drops the full colour intensity into the square. Now I am curious to understand why the two tools operate differently and how one knows, if using the brus
  10. I have heard of .jpg files and lossy compression. My camera produces 2592x1728 pixel files. I notice that cropping an image and resizing it to fit 15cm x 10cm photo paper results in significant loss of definition. Should it make any difference saving to .png, for example, or is the damage already done because the camera creates a .jpg file instead of a lossless compression file?
  11. I have used my HP printer software in the past to print camera 2592x1728 pixel .jpg images to 15cm x 10cm photo paper. I notice that when I use Paint.NET to resize and what I assume to be the HP Photo Printing Wizard to print, the resulting print loses definition by comparison. This happens whether or not I save the resized image. Is there something I am not doing correctly?
  12. I began posting in 2009. I note now that the link in an email notification from that time (http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=31638, for example) produces a 404 error. Does this mean those posts and replies are no longer available, or are they available somewhere else? My Profile lists 30 Posts, but only 12 are visible.
  13. I posted recently regarding colour level adjustment that is no longer available to me in my new HP Photosmart printer software. SAND33P kindly pointed me to colour plugins. I duly downloaded Tanel's Color Mixer, which appears will carry out the task I require admirably (I thank you). I am fascinated to know, however, the reason for both RGB and ink colour (cyan, magenta and yellow) sliders, and how each set or both is/are used and in what contexts. Previously, if my photographic prints were automatically heavy in red, I would reduce the magenta and yellow in varying percentage points, for
  14. SAND33P I thank you very much for your informative response. I looked at the various 'Color' Plugins. I have downloaded two so far - 'Color Balance+' and 'Color Mixer'. I do believe a solution to my requirement can be found in one of the Plugins on offer. I tend to forget they exist. I am very grateful.
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